Gingerbread – four months before Christmas?

Gingerbread – four months before Christmas?

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Herbert Schorn

Herbert Schorn

Culture and Life Editor

Bring it on!

How can gingerbread help that many people apparently misunderstand it as a synonym for Christmas? Gingerbread is a pastry like any other and of course has the right to be enjoyed at any time, no matter how many degrees the thermometer shows. Who says almonds, cinnamon and cardamom are only in season at Christmas? If we continue to pursue this strange idea consistently, we shouldn’t be able to eat trout or bratwurst after December 25th, as they are often a traditional Christmas meal! And anyway: is it then allowed to buy Christmas presents now? With this in mind: Whether with crumbles, almonds or chocolate – bring on the gingerbread!

Barbara Rohrhofer

Barbara Rohrhofer

Editor-in-Chief Life and Health

Completely absurd

Outside it’s 32 degrees in the shade, inside, gingerbread is offered in a wintery design in a perfectly air-conditioned ambience. It feels like the first pre-Christmas products are hitting the supermarket shelves earlier and earlier. Apparently there are many people who long for early Christmas messengers in the greatest heat and buy the late summer gingerbread, which is currently being offered for sale in the Advent flavor “apple and cinnamon”. And it won’t be long before the chocolate Santa Clauses will join the gingerbread in the practical plastic tin – just so we don’t forget that in less than four months it will be Christmas again. How absurdly attentive!

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