LASK tickets: Is such a pre-sale fair?

LASK tickets: Is such a pre-sale fair?
LASK won the first leg of the Europa League playoff against Bosnian champions Zrinjski Mostar 2-1 on Thursday evening. With a lightning start by Robert Zulj, Linz created clear conditions early on, but then they made the opponent unnecessarily strong.

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Gunther Mayrhofer

Gunther Mayrhofer

Sports Editor

chance missed

If LASK had drawn Villarreal, Ajax Amsterdam or Leverkusen from pot one in the draw, the outcry would not have been so great. It has become the dream lot Liverpool, which goes far beyond the circle of LASK fans. When do you get the opportunity to see Mohamed Salah and Co. in a competition in Linz?

The protected advance sale is intended to ensure that only black and white supporters fill the Raiffeisen Arena. And everyone who enjoys the right of first refusal has paid for it by paying more on the season ticket. Everyone had this opportunity – if you didn’t use it, you shouldn’t get upset about not having it.

Gabriel Egger

Gabriel Egger

Editor Upper Austria

No limit

Season ticket holders have many friends in the coming days. Friends that they often didn’t even know existed. “Hello, old friend! Long time no see! Are you doing well? You’re still a LASK fan, aren’t you? Every boy knows that Linz is only black and white! Can you give me a card…?” Liverpool FC makes it possible. It is understandable that LASK rewards those who also celebrate games against WSG Tirol or Austria (not those from Vienna, those from Lustenau) frenetically. But how he does it is clumsy. Because the ticket purchase knows no limit. Every “Plus” subscriber can buy as many tickets as they want. And that will happen. This could make some of the subscribers look through their fingers again.

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