Tablet instead of textbook?

Tablet instead of textbook?

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Philip Hirsch

Philip Hirsch

Head of regional department

Wipe instead of scrolling

What matters when it comes to school books is not the type of medium, but rather the content. The old school books will probably no longer be available in a few years. The right way is to replace them with little digital helpers. Most schoolchildren would probably be happy if they just had to carry a slim tablet to school instead of a thick tome for each school subject. A box that can store many times the information that would fit in a thousand school bags. Teaching content could be presented in digital form in a noticeably more exciting and memorable way than is possible on paper. Looking back, we won’t miss the analog school books any more than we will miss the wooden blackboards.

Caroline Ploberger

Caroline Ploberger

Editor Upper Austria

Enough digital

Not everything that is analog is dusty. Young people often have their smartphone in their hand and are sitting in front of a laptop or tablet during the day. In your free time up to 130 minutes. Basic digital education has now become an integral part of everyday life. But if homework is mainly done digitally, screen time increases immeasurably.

Completely foregoing textbooks as teaching material would also be counterproductive given the often weak reading skills of students. Simply clicking from link to link does not contribute to meaningful reading. Digital learning material for lessons: gladly. But not exclusively, but as additional support.

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