Milei does not provide governance

Milei does not provide governance

Speaking of political phenomena, curiously analogies have been established between Perón and Milei. Certain political analysts have been teaching that, in 1946, Perón had the Democratic Union, the media, the countryside, the industry, the students, the intellectuals, and the two post-war powers against him. All this preamble, as if Milei had the same antagonisms and the same beginning as Perón. To begin with, Perón was a prominent officer in the Argentine Army, feared and harassed by Winston Churchill. Perón is to Milei, what Thomas Jefferson is to Donald Trump. It’s amazing how lazy the forced match searchers have gotten. They remind us of Luis Majul who found “certain similarities between Macri and Nelson Mandela”.

Milei happens as a product of the media, at a time when the antipathy of the entire fringe of his ideological sphere burns with resentment, he currently even has the support of Mauricio Macri, who, among other things, would seek diplomatic immunity. Blumberg insisted on selling Milei’s candidacy and assured that he wants to go to court (area, July 25, 2023). The legal term “diplomatic immunity” refers to immunity from punishment and includes the right of diplomats and their families not to be called to trial or required to testify in a foreign country. Milei found another phenomenal niche.

In American universities they speak with great shame about Milei’s predecessors, because of the assault on the Capitol does not return. The Western world still remembers Hitler and Mussolini. These new violent rebels took advantage of the social change of the new generations, and an unprecedented process of global depoliticization. At the same time, adults are also fed up with certain individuals who occupy unchanged hierarchical positions in politics.. In part, they made the Milei phenomenon possible.

Having a thousand fans on YouTube, in some countries, can mean income of up to $100,000 a year. Micro popularity made Milei a celebrity. What seemed illogical is no longer so. Currently, people invest their time without limits on social networks, and this is one of the consequences of the risks.

A Milei network promoter is a national representative, they have built their own audience to live off of it and they do so, directly or indirectly. Since they have made money creating content and adding followers, they went for politics and, According to Blumberg, they sell positions. The politician Carlos Maslatón explained in a television program that investments are sold, and the valuation is carried out by (DCF) Discounted Funds Flow

The reality is that, since the Macri phenomenon in Argentina, a culture with adolescent language and a gangster character has been implemented that encourages the love of money, selfishness and short-termism, generating toxic environments.. We could call it, ““Raymond Reddington culture”, which is the antithesis of our “heroes of the Malvinas”. They brought individualism, which bases its foundations on autonomous decisions, differentiation and self-responsibility (Tilly). “People were created to be loved and things were created to be used”… “things are being loved and people are being used” (Jonathan Moldu).

These kids talk about “the markets” and “the world, the private sector” as if they had experience. They parley about business, ignoring that businessmen who become notorious in the developed world, participate in the country’s decisions because of their exemplary nature, not because of their rapaciousness. Donald Trump is the exception, not the rule. If they are aware of the debate, accepting that the organ market It is just another market, soon the pedophile market could be legal, as it was in the Philippines.

Marketing applied to politics through networks and media, converted a gang of bums on a brand, and now established a pathological label. Milei is focused on himself, he does not listen to or tolerate a different opinion and, he speaks in part, for angry and intolerant people, youth focused on themselves. He found his first niche and stuck to it and, it must be said, he works hard, to the point of exhaustion. He worked hard and has been constant.. He identified a target and focused on talking about what “that target needs.” She introduced what they needed to hear and communicated it on different levels, through emotions.

Milei made it so that a certain part of the citizens did not need to go out looking for him, he found them with the contents he installed. Unfortunately, human beings tend to believe what we see, hear or read.


Many vicissitudes that pose Milei’s logic is questionable in a country with 85% Christians, like the spiritualism of dead pets, or the glory of quadrupeds… “22 professing to be wise, they became fools, 23 and they changed the glory of God incorruptible in the likeness of the image of corruptible man, of birds, of quadrupeds and of reptiles”… (Romans, chapter 1, ver. 22 and 23). Milei, has dedicated his victory in the primary elections to “his four-legged children,” shine as a individual without human affections, He has expressed that he hates his parents, he is violent, he lacks national values ​​(currency, rivers, Malvinas). He gives a speech “pro Armed and Security Forces”, but wants to destroy the State that pays the salaries of the soldiers.

Milei does not have a clear and consistent value proposition, he is only clear about what he wants to receive, and this is “the adoration of his fans”, and to live the life that allows him to be on the crest of the wave.


If Milei wins in the first or second round, his big problem will be governability, the things he has made known require “manu militari.” She would not have her own majority in Congress, she would not have control of governors and mayors.

The scenarios of ungovernability are extremely high because repression is not an option in Argentina, it was demonstrated in 2001. Bullrich said it: “if Milei wins, it lasts two months and Peronism returns.” Patricia excluded herself; in reality, she does not offer governance either.

Director of Esperanza Foundation. https://fundacionesperanza.com.ar/ UBA Postgraduate Professor and Master’s Degrees at private universities. Master in International Economic Policy, Doctor in Political Science, author of 6 books

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