Do we need ChatGPT in medicine?

Do we need ChatGPT in medicine?
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Barbara Rohrhofer

Barbara Rohrhofer

Head of Life and Health Editorial Team

Relieve doctors

Scientists see artificial intelligence as an important help for doctors. Although the AI ​​text program ChatGPT is not specialized in medicine, according to a recent study, it diagnoses patients in the emergency room at least as correctly as doctors. Given the overburdened health care system, any help is welcome, although it is of course abundantly clear that the study results do not mean that computers will one day run the emergency room. But artificial intelligence can help doctors under pressure make a diagnosis by providing ideas for an eventual diagnosis – and perhaps shorten waiting times. That sounds promising for all sides.

Dietlind Hebestreit


Clean data

Artificial intelligence is now a broad field. Initial experience shows that the data the computer was fed with plays a big role. If the AI ​​scans the literature of the past centuries, it initially also adopts the prejudices of these texts – from misogyny to racism. This then has to be laboriously trained out of her.

Health is a sensitive area – I don’t want to be fed forest and meadow wisdom. Here I would like an AI that is specifically tailored to the respective task area to work with medically verified data sets. Then the computer can be a truly wonderful complement to humans.

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