Pros & Cons: Do we need the climate strike?

Pros & Cons: Do we need the climate strike?

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Christian Diabl

Christian Diabl


More relevant than ever

Now young people are skipping school again for climate protection, complain those who are constantly annoyed on social media. The question should rather be: Is there a reason to stop?

Austria is on the verge of spectacularly missing its self-imposed climate goals, the Greens’ participation in government could actually come to an end next year without a climate protection law, and politicians are spending an entire summer on zero issues such as the threat of schnitzel or cash bans.

The backlash shows that Fridays for Future still hits a sore spot – in addition to sheer hatred, this also includes meaningless criticism, such as the garbage allegedly generated at demos or the arrival at the demo in an SUV.

Philip Hirsch

Philip Hirsch

Head of regional department

In the comfort zone

It is striking how quiet it was around Fridays for Future during the summer months. But on the first Friday of the school year, thousands of young people found time to attend a demonstration instead of class.

It is a protest that is stuck in its urban comfort zone: During the summer holidays, they take a scheduled flight to the Maldives with their parents and in the autumn there will be another demonstration against the climate crisis.

And if you miss the bus after the demonstration, Dad is there with the SUV to drive the young activists home. Compared to the average lifestyle of a young city dweller, these climate demonstrations convey an unfounded sense of moral superiority.

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