Beyond Hollywood: what are the keys to success in sales?

Beyond Hollywood: what are the keys to success in sales?
September 19, 2023 – 09:56

Where to start to prove to the client that your product or service is ideal for their specific business?

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In it world of salesthere is a long-held myth that suggests that only those blessed with an outgoing and charismatic personality can succeed and grow their business. In this sense, sales are nothing more than another example of how literature and cinema shape our way of seeing the world, forging the idea that we have heard so many times that “a salesperson is born, not made.” Iconic films like The wolf of Wall Street and Of love and other drugs They favored a stereotype of a free-spirited salesperson who seduces customers with their charm and charisma, thus getting them to purchase the product or service they have to offer.

However, sales success is a multidimensional issue, that is, it is not limited to a single personality trait. It is true that in many cases having good communication skills can help close a sale, but if there is no solid foundation to support that attractive speech, being charismatic will not be enough. The Daily Salesthe most popular sales page Linkedin -exceeds one million followers-, conducted a survey with the question: Is a seller born or made? Only 16% of people believe that a salesperson is born, while the majority considers that both dimensions are necessary.

So, Where to start to prove to the client that your product or service is ideal for their specific business? Far from being an intuitive act, sales are based on strategies supported by research, method and analysis. In a word: processes. Therefore, the starting point is to know the company, the work team and its objectives, procedures and products, know the competition and, mainly, know the client.

According to a report from HubSpot, The most important characteristics of sales leaders in 2023 are adaptability, the ability to motivate their teams, and effective listening.

Adaptability is essential because we live in a constantly evolving world. Today, sellers who recognize the need to constantly update are the ones who manage to stay ahead.

“Don’t waste time looking for a better pencil, learn to write better,” said Seth Godin, one of the leading marketing gurus. Staying at the forefront not only means using new technologies and being ahead of trends, but it also means looking for alternative ways to solve people’s daily problems: identifying needs and satisfying them in an original and innovative way.

Additionally, researchers in psychology and human behavior have broken down the consumer decision-making process, revealing patterns and trends that marketers can leverage to maximize their impact. From the psychology of persuasion to data analysis on customer preferences, sales is a constantly evolving field where informed knowledge far surpasses superficial intuition.

In second place, Every sales leader must be able to motivate their team, and I’m not just talking about monetary incentives.; It’s about understanding the needs of each individual to create a sense of collective purpose aligned with the company’s mission. This is where the need for continuous training comes into play: a well-trained team knows how to adapt to changing customer needs while easily and fluidly incorporating new trends and opportunities in an evolving market.

Finally, Effective listening is at the base of every sales operation because it opens the doors to empathy and real concern for the customer’s needs. In contrast to the false belief of the charismatic salesperson, this aspect is usually more associated with people with introverted traits. Listening is essential in each of the phases of acquisition, conversion and loyalty and distinguishes a good sales professional from one who is not.

Therefore, in a business world where information is power, the effective salesperson makes and trains himself through constant study and intelligent application of well-founded procedures. Sales is not simply a game of charm, but fertile ground for those willing to put effort and professionalism into creating innovative strategies.

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