Can LASK surprise against Liverpool?

Can LASK surprise against Liverpool?
LASK meets Liverpool in the European Cup.

Harald Bartl

Harald Bartl

Deputy Head of Sports Department

A bit of something…

I don’t know why, but I can clearly remember an OÖN TV program page from 1987. It read: 8:15 p.m.: European Cup final FC Bayern against FC Porto. 10 p.m.: FC Bayern victory celebration.

The problem was: Bayern weren’t allowed to celebrate at 10 p.m. that day. They had to watch the players of underdogs FC Porto lift the trophy because Rabah Madjer made history with his goal. It was a much more important game for Bayern back then than it was for Liverpool on Thursday in Linz. The motto of the blessed Monaco Franze should apply to LASK tomorrow, as it did to Porto back then: “A little something always works.” And it doesn’t even have to be a goal.

Christoph Zöpfl

Christoph Zöpfl

Head of sports department

Not “be-slapped”

David versus Goliath is a popular template for announcing possible sporting sensations. However, this story is not a valuable model for tomorrow’s test of strength on the Gugl. The levels at which the two football teams operate are too different. And the professionals from the English Premier League will not be so stupid as to underestimate LASK. Only Jürgen Klopp can guarantee that the German coach’s house rules will also apply to this game at Liverpool FC. This reads: “Less than 100 percent is not allowed”. Calculated differently, that means: LASK doesn’t have much more than a “zero percent” chance of a sporting sensation tomorrow.

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