Reducing the working day does not generate employment, it generates other benefits

Reducing the working day does not generate employment, it generates other benefits

I don’t know where they got it from or how they came to the conclusion that the contraction or reduction of working hoursvery necessary for the labor market, generates genuine employment, this is false.

The main and only objective of the contraction or reduction of working hours is not only in Argentina, but in all countries that are law:

– Improve the productivity of certain activities;

– Considerably reduce expenses within the company (trash, cleaning, services);

– Excessive unproductive meetings;

– More concentration at work;

– More free time for human well-being, ergo more dedication to work;

– Progressively eliminate the trial industry and labor disputes;

– Reduce workplace accidents by employers; and on behalf of the dependents;

– Less sick leave, less stress;

– Develop and expand creativity and the human psyche, managing your time and having better living conditions.

The contraction or reduction of the working day is carried out, of course, without salary cuts or income cuts, achieving a well-being of greater autonomy over each person’s time and their personal projects, moving the labor market to a sphere of Quantity to Work Quality.

This employment situation underlies a social reality and its contraction or reduction is due to cultural, biological, technical and human reasons.

Work or employment relationships as you know them no longer make sense. The technological era is here and we must adopt it and mutate towards the work of the future where investment in human capital through training and quality of life incentiveafter a virus that stalked the entire world, caused human relationships to change.

According to ILO data, the countries that have shorter hours and high rates of labor productivity are Holland, Australia, Norway, Denmark and Mexico.

Worldwide, more than 40% of employees in a dependency relationship work 40 hours a week.

When I point to biological reasons, I am referring to the need that every working person has to have adequate rest time to replenish the energies required by their personal and work life.

It is technically proven that the quality of work and the production capacity of a person tends to decrease with the continuous passage of excessive hours of work.

Under this modality, the worker will have the possibility of going to his or her workplace at times convenient for the company, provided that a minimum base of hours of effective work is met. This allows better administration of working hours based on workers’ free time (family, social, personal) and a considerable increase in company production. The experimental results are encouraging, taking into account the social, economic and cultural benefit.

We can understand something “Labor law, the labor market, labor relations are two parts“, just two: Dependent: He decided to put his physical or intellectual strength in favor of another, have a fixed salary and comply with a certain schedule; the other is the Employer: this is the one who risks, the one who invests in the factors of production, the one who sets the work rules. Both are workers, both must think about production, development, productive growth. Every time the political class, on one side or the other, attacks or demeans one party and promotes the other, work is at risk and society does not grow.

Argentina deserves a serious, deep and modern debate about the need for modernization of the labor market and the adaptation of labor standards to the world in which we live.

What we must avoid is that this debate is liquefied and emptied of content by entering the football logic of the crack. But in light of events, so far neither on one side nor the other seems to have any intention to responsibly deal with an issue that is crucial for our future.

We find ourselves living through what has been called the fourth industrial revolution. This process of technological and industrial development involves the use of all technical and human resources, which since the pandemic and political tricks have accelerated significantly.

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