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The behavior profile and consumption: an alliance against fraud

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In times of high demand for purchases, such as the next Black Friday, our consumption pattern and how it relates to our identity, take center stage. A person who has lived in the province of Buenos Aires for more than ten years, for example, could have the habit of going to the supermarket on Thursdays to be able to use different bank promotions. Someone who works remotely, perhaps would be interested in home office supplies deals. For each reality, a profile or also called a pattern of behavior is built and, consequently, an identity of consumption.

Based on this logic, it can be used to offer promotions or forecast shopping habits, as well as banks can use it to detect unusual or suspicious operations. If a bank tracks purchases on behalf of a user in places that, according to their records, they do not frequent; Products that you do not consume or amounts that do not match your behavior, will surely alert or block the means of payment until you can prove the origin of that transaction or validate the identity of the customer. The same happens with entries to home banking or mobile banking, or changes in personal data, to name a few examples. Fraud prevention is a fundamental strategy for companies to prevent fraudulent operations from causing financial and reputational damage to the customer.

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Security in virtual purchases, especially in contexts of massive offers, is a subject as complex as it is interesting and important. Companies are acquiring more and more tools to reduce cybercrime in these peak shopping seasons. Consumers should not forget to put into practice the resources available to them for prevention: verify the reputation of the seller; learn to detect the attacks of phishing – pay attention to the communications that reach you through different communication channels, from emails to text messages; operate over secure connections and avoid public networks; avoid entering the card details twice; enable additional authentication factors and shop secure sites.

It is essential to become aware of the power of our habits, data and identity. Only then can we have a safe digital life.

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Sales Director South Cone of VU

Source From: Ambito

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