Social plans: the executioner of employment and work

Social plans: the executioner of employment and work

In the last two decades, poverty was administered and managed through excessive assistance from the National State, and why not, local or municipal. Whether in a managerial way through the negotiations of popular movements to the Creole urge to live with others. The problem is structural, in Argentina, the old generation of politicians does not dare, does not want or is not interested in fighting the cultural battle and does not dare to accept capitalism as the only model for a prosperous and modern solution, according to the world experience and the enormous dynamism, in its new aspects, that the work acquired in recent years.

The Argentine welfare apparatus is enormously large, onerous and grotesque and must be ended on December 10. Because?

The answer is found in the speed of State assistance through social plans that won the race for Work and employment. Simply today, being a beneficiary of an AUH with a food card and perhaps, an Enhance Work program aligns you with a large number of basic union agreements for day laborers of 8 hours of work per day.

I remember when a bridge to employment program was implemented in October, November and December 2022. The fictional fable of activating social plans for work. In December of that year, the president of the nation was forceful, “no one signed up.”

Those of us who investigate work and public employment policies and are in the tireless search for the elimination or reduction of labor conflict and the equalization of the disparate relationship between employer and employee, know, for a fact, that this transformation will never be successful.

No person who receives a social plan, such as strengthening work, or assistance from the National, local or municipal State, has the intentions or will be invested in the work culture or compliance with the standards that labor law requires of the parties of a employment contract, it is not in his behavior, habits and customs that he lived his entire life, of the State. His rationality and thinking only know that he must ask the State and it has the obligation to give. The beneficiaries of State welfare do not even produce what they consume, they only survive in a vicious circle as a result of vulnerability and structural poverty that they will never be able to get out of if they do not invest in work and in their human capital of their own free will.

Recent governments have taught the beneficiaries of state assistance, through social plans, that these are a good social inclusion policy.

As well as A full-time worker does not have it in his genetics to ask the State and live off of others, a person who receives social plans thinks the opposite, the more he asks the State, the more he is proud of his uselessness.. It is, I repeat, the main reason why the plan to transform social plans with genuine work will be a failure and a screen, yet another, of electoral politics.

The only way to think about a next generation that is not, like the last 3 generations, is to develop a plan that generates public employment policies that carry the banner of the work of the future consisting of globalization, the modernization of labor laws and the human capital investment.

I visualize a country with many people who do not work, when they work there is no shortage, I notice employment that is increasingly black and less genuine. The social fabric is increasingly tight and vicious, fueled by governments that unscrupulously fatten the State.

Man regains his dignity through work. Without a doubt, whoever loses his job, the State must be there and accompany him, but for a very specific time, not forever.

Let’s be clear, a country has the social obligation to invest in education and bet on work as the only policy of social inclusion, encourage private investment and enhance those who want to produce or generate employment, there is no doubt: the education and work They are the two key factors of production to change people’s lives.

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