How to catch up on your finances before the end of the year

How to catch up on your finances before the end of the year

Like every beginning of the year, you decided to save, not spend on purchases you don’t need, and write down your expenses every day in Excel. But then reality overtook you and now you find that you arrived at November without having accomplished almost anything you had written down. Calm! There is always something that can be done to improve and move forward. Take note of these three very simple steps to implement in the coming days.

  • Make a list of your debts and pay off the smallest of all.

This will give you a feeling of victory that will most likely lead you to eliminate other larger debts, and little by little you will be on your way to living completely debt-free. Many times it is not just a matter of lack of money, but of not giving it priority or not having the time to complete a procedure or go make a payment.

To avoid forgetting, schedule it and do it as soon as possible. Then cross that debt off your list and, if you can, pay the next one. It’s going to be much easier than you think.

  • Write down your expenses and analyze them at the end of the month.

If you already did it more than once but always abandoned it, it is likely that you have not analyzed all that information. Precisely reviewing what was noted and improving based on that data is what gives meaning to a rather boring task (we will not deny it) but absolutely necessary to be aware of your expenses and see how to lower them.

Make a point to write down all your expenses, in Excel, an app, or with paper and pencil, and at the end of the month, analyze how much you spent and on what. Is there anything you might not buy/pay for again? Are your expenses in line with your income, or is more money going out than coming in? Being aware of all this information is vital to improve your financial situation.

  • Did you want to save but you passed the goal from month to month and it never happened?

You have a very easy tool at hand: Common Investment Funds. What is it about? They are an instrument that all banks offer and that allows you, without having to learn about investments, to make your money grow a little every day.

They are very simple operations that are carried out in a few minutes through homebanking or your bank’s app, and not only do they generate profits daily, but they also help you not spend more, because the money is not available in your account balance. your account. That way you avoid unnecessary expenses and gain discipline to think about doing bigger things with your money.

You still have time to catch up on your finances. Despite the instability, inflation and all the adverse situations of the Argentine economy, it is possible to learn about money to advance and grow. Don’t let any more time pass! Look for your goals from the beginning of the year, write down these tips and add the ones that you think will help you. Give priority to improving your money!

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