Money laundering: Leonardo Fariña added another preventive detention

Money laundering: Leonardo Fariña added another preventive detention

The media journalist had been arrested along with four other people on November 15, after a raid in a cave in downtown Buenos Aires, in which some 500 million pesos were seized. This is a case that is taking place in the economic criminal jurisdiction and is being handled by Judge Pablo Yadarola.

At the time of his arrest, before the presidential elections, Fariña had an electronic anklet, since he was under supervised release in the framework of the Ruta del Dinero case. In that file he had been sentenced to three years and six months in prison and, As I was close to completing 2/3 of it, I had achieved the prerogative of circulating with the bracelet. Last week, The Court revoked the benefit and ordered Fariña to return to prison to serve the remaining year and five months.

But Fariña is also being tried in another case that also investigates military maneuvers. money laundering. Sitting next to Lázaro Báez in the dock, Comodoro Py is judging him for the purchase of a field in Uruguay called “El Entrevero.”

Thus, his situation became even more complicated, since Judges Jorge Gorini, Néstor Costábel and Gabriela López Iñiguez unanimously decided to grant the request of prosecutor Abel Córdoba and the star financier will no longer be able to continue the process in freedom, considering the “concurrence of procedural risks.”

In a thirteen-page ruling, the judges especially warned that Fariña was wearing an ankle bracelet in an illegal cave and was imprisoned in a case for similar criminal maneuvers for which he was already convicted and for which he is being tried.

The trial that began on August 7 is in full development, so the Court understood that “there is no doubt that we are at a pivotal moment in the process in which every precaution must be taken to ensure its completion and , consequently, adopt the necessary measures to mitigate the existing procedural risks.”

For the judges, the large amount of money that was found in the financial company and his actions at the time of his arrest “not only represent facilities for remaining hidden, but also (…) the possibility of declaring recidivism for intentional crimes.”

Prosecutor Córdoba had argued last week that Fariña “had in his possession large sums of money in a context of a priori financial activities,” so “he had access to sufficient, liquid, clandestine circulation and outside financial means.” “any formal control, so as to avoid the actions of justice.”

Furthermore, the prosecution recalled that Fariña lied to the Court in this second trial regarding the itinerary of a trip to Spain for which he had been granted special permission. This way Leonardo Fariña made three arrests in three different cases in just fifteen days.

Source: Ambito

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