Should you still test yourself for Corona?

Should you still test yourself for Corona?
Living room tests can be purchased in pharmacies.

More than 110,000 Austrians were on sick leave with colds in the previous week, over 29,000 of them with Covid-19. More than 400 were affected by influenza (“real flu”) and over 84,000 people were unable to work with flu-like infections, according to the figures from ÖGK insured people. For many people with cold symptoms, the question is currently: Should I even test myself for Corona? How do you feel about this? You can vote here:

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Barbara Rohrhofer

Barbara Rohrhofer

Head of Life and Health Editorial Team


Winter is here – and with it the colds, lots of sick leave and the annoying question: Should you test yourself for Corona if you have a cold, cough, runny nose and sore throat? The fact is: the virus has become native to us, the disease no longer has to be reported and most people are already quite well protected by vaccination and previous infections.

Nevertheless, in my opinion, there is no reason not to test yourself. It only takes a few seconds and you know whether it is Corona or a flu-like infection. Then you can behave accordingly and protect yourself and others. Because the virus can still severely affect older people or people with previous illnesses.

Ulrike Griessl

Life and Health Editor

Sick is sick

If you’re lying in bed with a fever, cough, runny nose and severe headache, it doesn’t matter whether Covid or flu viruses are to blame – sick is sick. In any case, those affected feel very poorly, both diseases are contagious and the symptoms can be treated with the same medications. So what’s the point of testing yourself for Corona?

It is much more important to adhere to certain rules of conduct: Anyone who is obviously infected with one of the two viruses should stay at home, stay in bed and avoid direct contact with others. On the one hand, to recover quickly and avoid complications, and on the other hand, to avoid spreading the viruses.

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