Prepare for the unexpected: how to prevent your peace of mind from being stolen

Prepare for the unexpected: how to prevent your peace of mind from being stolen

We are not really aware until it happens to us and many times we had several opportunities to prevent it before and we did not know how to see it. Countless cases can be seen daily in the media, entrances, black widows, armed robberies, just to mention a few.

How many times do we hear bad news of this nature, even among friends? hundreds, no doubt, hundreds of times. In some cases they are minor thefts and in others, the loss is much greater. It is also unfortunately common for these robberies to happen within the most intimate circle of the victim and for this reason it is difficult to foresee them.

Another pattern that this case reveals is that many times those who suffer from it do not report it or keep it confidential, either for safety or modesty.

Another big issue of “virtual” insecurity is Dating Apps: It is known that dating apps changed the way people connect and seek relationships at any age, but this global trend is also generating an increase in thefts and scams. which is often not reported out of modesty.

This type of news, which we read or hear more and more regularly, puts us on alert and allows us to talk among friends and family about the importance of taking precautions, trying to verify the identity and data we know about that match (on social networks and search engines). , for example) and often even having a trusted person attentive when physically meeting him or the stranger.

However, it is not enough to take these precautions. Romance scams are not so easily avoided. In these cases, the criminal creates false profiles on applications, websites or social networks and interacts in order to achieve an economic benefit and that makes it more difficult to identify because it also establishes a relationship of trust that can even last over time. .

But it happens very often and the way to avoid it is by making preventive decisions, with a cool head and thinking about how to eliminate potential dangers.

Asset insurance, retirement funds, life insurance, safe deposit boxes in specialized institutions (banking or non-banking, but with track record and experience in security) are different expressions of intelligent decisions that give us health and peace of mind.

It is a very efficient way to avoid theft and many of the best-known forms of fraud because the protection in a vault offers two instances of alert: a physical one, which involves security measures with the corresponding identity verification and the use of biometric data. ; and another instance that involves a moment of reflection and allows us to rethink the decisions we are making at a time when the criminal – or the situation created by this person – surely pressures us.

Taking security measures is the way to avoid being scammed. Once we are faced with a person trained to deceive us, it is much more difficult not to become unwitting victims of their intentions. Therefore, it is important to make decisions that allow us to anticipate what we would prefer not to happen. Get ahead of the possibilities, have foresight to avoid avoidable disappointments. Let’s make conscious and intelligent decisions in advance, let’s be forward-thinking.

CEO of INGOT and President of CAESACS (Argentine Chamber of Safe Box Rental Service Companies)

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