Christmas films – too much of a good thing?

Christmas films – too much of a good thing?
“Home Alone”: Macaulay Culkin is forgotten at home by his family.
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Roswita Fitzinger

Roswitha Fitzinger


Uniformity in series

There are the classics, like “The Little Lord”, “The Grinch” or “Home Alone”, they are something like the “Dinner for One” of Christmas, they are essentially pre-Christmas cultural assets. In the meantime, however, the festival of love has mutated into a festival of love songs in terms of film technology.

Streaming services are flooding living rooms with uniform Christmas jokes. Prince meets nanny, single woman old childhood crush who frees her from Christmas frustration, the obligatory kiss at the end is a must.

The television channels aren’t any better either; the Christmas films with the same content come in a double pack – every day. As if one wasn’t enough. You don’t have to look at it. True!

Barbara Rohrhofer

Barbara Rohrhofer

Head of Life and Health Editorial Team

Too much is not possible

Every year in Advent it can be really cheesy: Glittering angels, fairy lights, bratwursts, cookies and mistletoe are my “fixed stars” in December – just like “Single Bells”, my favorite Christmas comedy, which I watch every year: Die The goose is burned, the children are arguing, the Christmas tree is crooked – all things that happen in real life. If you want something more romantic, then films like “Love Actually”, “The Little Lord” and “Isn’t Life Beautiful?” are on the pre-Christmas program in the living room. By the way, colleague Fitzinger: the obligatory kiss at the end sometimes just has to be a thing – after all, Christmas is the festival of love.

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