Of defeats, self-criticism and other herbs

Of defeats, self-criticism and other herbs

Some time ago we were wondering what the social subject to whom we speak. In a world that changes abruptly and rapidly with increasingly individualistic and disconnected societies each other despite the speed and the access to communicationswe have been talking with a non-existent social subject.

That worker from 1945, that youth from the ’60s or ’70s, those unemployed people aware of their rights from 2001 no longer exist. It’s been too long since There is no social subject that brings together collective goals.shared future.

The defense of democracyof acquired rights, of work and education as social ordering rights seem apothegms with the smell of mothballs for the new generations What do they seek immediate responses.

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The differences between right and left they sound like incomprehensible prehistory for an overwhelming majority that juggles to put a plate of food on the table, when hunger and hopelessness settle on the table and politics does not provide an answer, the search for immediate solutions and the magical thinking They seem to be the only way to take.

The polls have spoken, 55% of Argentinians have voted for a man who He has no experience in politics or managementwhich has made its course by dint of abuse to whoever stood in his way and promised adjustment, devaluation and repression among other things.

Yes, the people voted for an executioner who did not lie to them and told them each of the things he was going to do, generating suffering and poverty. However, Whose superlative responsibility is it for a people to vote for their executioner?


We timidly listen to explanations that, if the historical moment were not so tragic, could be the plot of a comedy of the grotesque.

“The leadership was not up to the task” some leaders say and who knows what they mean by “leadership”. “The pandemic, the war, the photo of Olivos” others say, “hate speech and the media” they repeat there.

We wonder then if the violent decline of the president’s credibility with a photo that confirmed a situation that he denied ad nauseam, the economy constrained to resolve a leonine loan taken by who today seems to govern in the shadows, yes, Macri, always Macri, a minister of economy at the service of foreign interests who led us from our noses into the abyss, an open internal conflict that was never fully resolved, the decision to include as a candidate the person who had to pilot 140% interannual inflation and 44% poor, the split of the superstructure with the bases and of the bases with the ordinary people had nothing to do with it…



Questions that will surely find explanations in the garbage dump of explanations, the concrete thing is that the people have turned their backs on politics. His own mistakes were too many.

Reconstructing the contract between politics, the exclusive support of democracy, and ordinary people will take some time and there, explanations are not valid, only facts.

The speech must go hand in hand with the facts, a yacht cannot cross between reality and militancy, we cannot follow an endogamous logic based on very personal loyalties and not to a project when it comes to construction, wear and tear, distrust, The anger is not just media products and we will have to take charge and stop rummaging through the garbage dump of inconsequential explanations to explain the garbage dump, clean it and begin to rebuild the political force capable of thinking First about the Homeland, then about the Movement and finally about men and women.

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In these times of institutionalized perversity, romantic slogans and virtual indignations must give way to the responsibility that falls to each of us to regain the trust of our people. Building is the task and giving the necessary fights to dream again of a Free, just and sovereign homelandwithout yachts, without magic fingers and without endogamous perks. Whoever wants to hear, let him hear…

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