What is the Triple Impact approach and which is the Argentine company that leads in the region

What is the Triple Impact approach and which is the Argentine company that leads in the region

In a global context in which sustainability and social responsibility are increasingly relevant values, technology companies are challenging paradigms by prioritizing their business plans are executed from a triple impact perspective: economic, social and environmental. This approach not only seeks profitability, but also promotes innovation and sustainable development, generating a positive impact on society and its environment.

The most complete example of a company that has decided to be guided by these standards is in Argentina OCP TECH. With headquarters in the United States, Argentina and presence in 12 countries in the region, this company offers cybersecurity services, data centers, digital identity, implementation of business systems and integration of complex technological solutions. But it has recently reached a significant milestone at the business level, managing to certify two key standards: ISO 14001:2015, which certifies its environmental management system, and ISO 9001, which supports its quality management system.

These achievements not only validate its commitment to responsible business practices, but also reinforce its position as an industry leader. The two new international certifications are received from TÜV NORD Argentina in an event at the offices of Ing. Enrique Butty 240 (CABA), with the participation of representatives from the different areas of the company, who have worked hard for these recognitions.

These two new certifications are added to the one obtained in February of this year, when the ISO 37.001:2017 standard on Anti-Bribery Management Systems (SGAS). Consequently, OCP TECH became a pioneering company in Latin America within the IT sector. At the same time, the subsidiaries of OCP TECH In Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Panama they took the same path, and managed to certify the ISO 37,001 standard in October of this year.

This international standard guides organizations in the establishment, implementation and maintenance of a management system aimed at preventing bribery in their interaction with the public and private sectors, covering all the organization’s processes. These international certifications accompany business development and regulate practices in pursuit of a better connection with the community.

The backbone that articulates all these advances and certifications is the triple impact approach. This demonstrable commitment to quality, ethics, transparency and care for the environment also represents a cultural change that opens the door to new associations.

In the last three years, OCP TECH has had a considerable expansion thanks to its partnership with the company Cisco with whom he obtained twelve awards, including three consecutive years as Partner of the Year, a recognition of the partners with the best performance within the technology market.

Asked about the importance of the triple impact in the field of technology, the COO of OCP TECH, Andrew Quinnpointed out that “having these certifications allows us to execute an orderly and sustainable growth plan throughout the region, leveraged on the best international practices, and reaffirming our commitment to the quality of our services, transparency and care for the environment, contributing value and security to our strategic partners, clients and the community.”

The history of companies like OCP TECH They reflect not only a commitment to excellence in quality and business transparency, but also a firm purpose to lead this triple impact with economic, social and environmental ramifications. International recognition through obtaining these certifications reinforces the position of OCP TECH as a pioneer company in Latin America, not only in the technological field, but also in the promotion of ethical and sustainable business practices. This milestone not only validates their efforts, but also inspires other organizations to follow the path of triple impact, demonstrating that business success and social responsibility are not divergent paths, but complementary, in the new business culture.

TOattorney – Compliance Officer OCP TECH.

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