Shared companies: payment of the annual fee is due

Shared companies: payment of the annual fee is due
December 6, 2023 – 10:06

The Ministry of Justice set the date for compliance with the annual obligation.


He December 15, the due date for the payment of the Annual Rate for Joint Stock Companies was set., which is usually generically called the annual corporation tax or the IGJ tax. This date was set by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, through the dictate of the Resolution 1454/23 (BO 5/12/23).

Shared companies that are registered with the General Inspection of Justice (IGJ), that is, those located in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

This rate remunerates the services provided by the IGJ as a control body and was implemented by the Head of Cabinet of Ministers (JGM) through Administrative Decision 46/2001, which generated more than one controversy and litigation around its legality; However, it still remains.

Ministry of Justice set payment date for the Annual Rate for Joint Stock Companies

To determine the amount of the obligation, the company must add the share capital of the statute plus the capital adjustment account, according to the latest financial statements (balance sheet) that must have been submitted to the IGJ prior to the set maturity.

The amount thus obtained must be compared with the attached table to determine what range it is in and thus stipulate the amount of the fee to be entered.

annual rate payment table stock companies.jpg

Table of payment of the annual rate of Share Companies.

Table of payment of the annual rate of Share Companies.

Those stock companies that have paid the respective incorporation fee in the same year are not required to pay the fee.

There are sanctions for those companies that fail to comply with the obligation to pay the fee. They will be subject to a fine, on the omitted amounts, equivalent to the amount resulting from applying one and a half times the monthly interest rate used by the Banco de la Nación Argentina (BNA) in its discount operations for commercial documents.

In cases in which the obliged companies have not presented the corresponding balance sheets, the IGJ is empowered to make the ex officio estimate of the rate.

The fee can be paid through Homebanking; Pagar.com.ar and in the Banco de la Nación Argentina.

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