Sea, power and strategy: the possible prosperous future

Sea, power and strategy: the possible prosperous future

The ships sailing along the Río de la Plata provided a postcard backdrop to the closing of the annual activities linked to the sea of ​​the Konrad Adenauer Argentina and Argentina Global foundations. The event was attended by a large audience from defense, economy, environment, foreign ministry, and security.

Civil society thus takes a step forward in highlighting that the present and future work of millions of people depends on the blue economy, eighth in the world. But these activities must protect the environment is our only common home.

Dr Javier Valladares, president of the Sea Academy, retired Navy Captain, highlighted that this necessary balance between economic activities and environmental health care must be achieved with actions that are progressively more coordinated, concrete and participatory. .

Samuel Rivera Páez, Captain of the Colombian Navy, expert manager and scholar on the subject, focused his presentation on the positive experience of his country in having assigned the Vice President of the Nation the direction and control of the management of the sea, an interest transversal to all ministerial jurisdictions that carry out government management.

Máximo Pérez León Barreto, retired Rear Admiral of the Argentine Navy, described the two-year work of both foundations that will be reflected in a soon-to-be published book, highlighting the need to have a comprehensive national maritime strategy that reflects the decision to achieve sustainable development. of the sea and a prescriptive document that details how to achieve it, within the framework of a national security strategy.

Paola Di Chiaro, Political Scientist at the University of Buenos Aires, with extensive experience in government management and co-founder of the Argentina Global Foundation, expressed her satisfaction with these first steps, highlighting the enriching path taken by connecting the actors, listening to their interests and learning. of their studies and experiences. She also pointed out that this is the path towards good governance, with knowledge and participation so that policies resolve the present and guide leaders to decide against the dilemmas of the future. That is strategic culture.

In 2024, both foundations will continue with the regional workshops they carry out to raise awareness, connect and promote common shared knowledge. The Argentina Global foundation announced the start of the international executive program Sea power and strategy, the continuation of the Diploma in Public Policies for the sustainable development of the Sea that it carries out with the Austral University and congratulated the Naval War School for the opening of the Specialization in Maritime Interests.

Nadia Aguado Benítez, internationalist and academic coordinator of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation led the dialogue and closed the day by asking the experts why a maritime strategy was necessary. They all agreed that the name and the document do not matter as much as determining and communicating the place we want to reach as a country considering the realities and interests of all.

It was already night when the day ended in a climate of pleasant exchange of ideas that Sussane Käss, head of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, highlighted by highlighting her conviction in building a prosperous future and secure interest for the community.

Speaking of the sea, the role of civil society in the construction of public policies emerged on this day with the purpose of ensuring the development of national interests in the maritime environment, guaranteeing the means to preserve its peaceful, stable, sustainable, secure character. and protected. An interest of all.

By Máximo Pérez León Barreto. (Rear Admiral (RE) VGM). Director of strategic affairs of the Argentina Global Foundation.-

Source: Ambito

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