AI as a bridge to reduce the gender gap in the labor market

AI as a bridge to reduce the gender gap in the labor market

We must accompany the women to actively participate in the working market. To achieve this, it is key, on the one hand, to promote insertion into STEM careers and feed your vocation related to the new technologies and, on the other, sustain and amplify free training programs that leads to processes of upskilling, reskillingbring them closer to first job wave Back to work after the maternity or lead positions silver economy.

There are studies that show that, internationally, in the labor market, women obtain lower salariesoccupy fewer senior positions and participate less of the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

In accordance with UNESCOin the world, women represent only 35% of those who study higher education studies in STEM and less than 30% of them are part of the set of scientific researchers. The gender gaps reduce the chances of innovation and of new insights to address the current and future challenges.

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According to the WEF Gender Parity Report 2022, there is a persistent lack of women in leadership positionssince they only represent the 27% of all the Management positionsand only the 29% of those in D&I. The gender differences in the emerging professions they barely progressed.

Yes ok Latin America and the Caribbean It is one of the two regions that achieved parity in the proportion of male and female researchers (45% of the total researchers in the region are women), they are still underrepresented at the highest levels of professional careers and continue to be a minority in many STEM fields.


He gender bias can affect all aspects of the AIfrom the data used to train AI systems to the algorithms used to make decisions.

Women in AI can face biases in hiringthe promotion and the recognitionwhat can limit your opportunities. Stereotypes about their abilities and interests can make it difficult to be taken seriously in the field of AI. For example, Alexa and Siridigital assistants, are women (the idea of ​​care and help).

He imposter syndrome may be common among women who work in male-dominated fields, such as AIand can make it difficult for them to stand up for yourself and your work.


Within the framework of International Education Daywe believe that it is important to return to this problem that continues to be present in societies around the world.

Include more women in the field of AI can help ensure that systems are more precise and fair. Offer tools for denature these biases and claim technical and socio-emotional knowledge They are another accurate way of reduce the gap existing.

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Bring women closer to the world of Artificial intelligence is crucial for several reasons that reflect the importance of gender diversity in the technological field. What are those reasons?

  • Gender equality: Equality of opportunities is a fundamental principle in any society. By providing AI training to women, we contribute to closing the gender gap that historically existed in technological fields. The equal participation of women in AI is essential to ensure that decision-making and innovation reflect a variety of perspectives.
  • Diversity of thought: Women, like any demographic group, bring unique experiences, approaches and perspectives. Diversity of thought in the creation and development of technologies, such as AI, is essential to avoid bias and to ensure that solutions are inclusive and relevant to a wide range of users.
  • Product quality improvement: When AI development teams include women, there is a greater likelihood that the resulting products and services will be designed with everyone’s specific needs and experiences in mind. This can translate into more useful, accessible and ethical products.
  • Stimulation of innovation: The inclusion of women in AI fosters innovation by opening up new perspectives and approaches to solving problems. Diversity of ideas and skills promotes creativity and can lead to the development of more effective and efficient solutions.
  • Economic empowerment: AI training provides women with valuable and in-demand skills in the current and future job market. By having access to opportunities in fields such as AI, women can improve their economic prospects and contribute to overall economic growth.
  • Closing the skills gap: In many places, there is a skills gap in emerging technologies like AI. By providing training to women, you help close this gap, allowing more people to participate in the digital economy and benefit from the associated job opportunities.


Training women in Artificial Intelligence is essential not only to address issues of gender equalitybut also to take full advantage of the technology potential and promote a more inclusive and fair society. This is why we are convinced of the need to promote the vocation of girls and young people in the STEM world, from the first years of schooling to university or non-formal education.

The earlier the linking women with technological benefitsthe easier it will be accompaniment of their different interests and knowledge throughout their educational journey and professional development. It is in this line that we consider crucial to promote new professional technical training spaces so that more women lead organizations based on AI for your better economic development.

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