Valentine’s Day: knowing how to love in liquid times

Valentine’s Day: knowing how to love in liquid times

In a world where the foundations of reality seem to flow like water between fingers, the concept of “liquid times” coined by Zygmunt Bauman becomes increasingly relevant.

In this scenario, in constant change and transformation, our interpersonal relationships are also influenced by this current that redefines our most intimate connections.

Love in these liquid times takes on new forms, where Commitment is no longer a mandate, but a conscious choice.

Contemporary love is fertile ground for diversity. Young people, in particular, explore the vast dimensions of affection without traditional restrictions. They seek connections that transcend labels and genres, in an attempt to free love from pre-established definitions.

Label-free relationships allow people to define themselves rather than being defined by their attachments, thereby redefining the conventional boundaries of affection.

Social networks, ubiquitous tools in this era, have added an intriguing nuance to this transformation. Although they connect us in the virtual sphere, they can also distort our perception of emotional engagement.

The possibility of ending a relationship with a WhatsApp message illustrates how digital communication can erode emotional responsibility that was once present in the separation process. In these liquid times, instantaneity often trumps careful reflection.

However, in this rapidly evolving landscape, the opportunity for learning and growth arises. Being honest and adults in our relationships becomes imperative. The importance of bonds lies in the quality of the conversations and the willingness to be vulnerable.

Authentic conversations stand as fundamental pillars in building solid relationships. Vulnerability, far from being a weakness, becomes an act of courage that establishes genuine bridges between people.

In these liquid times, love takes diverse and unrestricted forms, challenging preconceived norms. The influence of social media can blur emotional responsibility, but it also gives us the opportunity to be aware of our choices. As adults in our relationships, the path toward authenticity and vulnerability emerges as a path to follow.

In this constantly changing scenario, let us remember that fluidity does not necessarily imply a lack of solidity, but rather the ability to adapt and grow alongside those we choose to love.

The question is how brave we are to dare.

Ontological coach.

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