Pros & Cons: Do e-bikers need a driving license?

Pros & Cons: Do e-bikers need a driving license?


Dietlind Hebestreit



There are many good reasons for using e-bikes: exercise in the fresh air, support on steep inclines, bridging different riding levels, motivation for the untrained. Which brings us to the topic. Anyone who hasn’t ridden a bike for a long time can quickly feel overwhelmed by the rapid speed of motorized two-wheelers. Even if you only need a little strength, balance, coordination and good vision and hearing are still necessary for this type of locomotion. A kind of driver’s license could certify your ability to drive – and help those affected to question it. If you don’t trust yourself to take the test or find it too tedious, you should avoid riding an e-bike.

Verena Gabriel

Verena Gabriel



According to the ÖAMTC, e-bikers are on average ten years older than cyclists who do not use electric drives. A driving license specifically for e-bikes would therefore primarily be aimed at the older age group. But it would have to be demanded of everyone. It is questionable whether it is effective for 18-year-olds to add the “E” license to their B driving license. As is so often the case, an introduction would fail due to the regulations. Not to mention the controls, which will then probably have to be extended to dirt roads. Added to this is the deterrent effect. If the number of e-bikers falls, this could have a negative impact on the health of the entire population. At least the electric drive gets even those who don’t like sports moving.

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