Attention tax rebels: these are the consequences of not paying taxes

Attention tax rebels: these are the consequences of not paying taxes

Organize and execute the payment of taxes It is, both for people and for SMEs, a crucial aspect for its correct performance. However, it can be cumbersome for those who do not have the specific knowledge.

As is known, tax collection is destined for investments made by the State in infrastructure, security, education, health, etc.

In addition, keeping payments up to date generates important benefits; and avoid fines and legal problems.

The consequences that tax non-compliance can generate

-Fines: The different organizations that collect taxes impose fines and surcharges on taxpayers/SMEs that do not comply with the established deadlines for submissions and payments. These penalties can increase over time and represent a considerable cost.

-Interest for late payments: In addition to fines, taxpayers may also be subject to paying interest on amounts owed. This interest accumulates over time and increases the total cost of tax noncompliance.

-Loss of Tax Benefits: Repeated failure to comply with tax obligations may result in the suspension of tax benefits to which the taxpayer/SME would be entitled. This can negatively impact your financial situation and competitiveness.

-Seizures and Trials: In serious cases of tax non-compliance, tax collection agencies can take more drastic measures, such as seizing bank accounts. Additionally, they can take legal action to recover any taxes owed. This causes the taxpayer/SME not only fines and interest for non-compliance, but also the tax attorney’s fees, which are the responsibility of the taxpayer with debt.

-Tax Reputation: Failure to pay taxes can damage the reputation of the taxpayer or SME before the treasury and other government entities. This may result in future difficulties in accessing future benefits.

Thinking about all these needs of people and small and medium-sized businesses, we founded this company, a platform based on the SaaS (Software as a Service) model, which offers a comprehensive solution for managing taxes.

The objective is to simplify the tax payment process and for individuals and SMEs to manage their taxes online easily and securely; and that they have the advice of experts.

Likewise, the successful tax management of taxpayers additionally generates future possibilities, since it allows income, expenses and investments to be planned.

To this end, intuitive tools were developed to make financial projections and accurately predict future tax expenses, facilitating more efficient and reliable tax planning.

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