Seek growth, find development

Seek growth, find development

The recurrent nature of crises in Argentine history suggests a chronic repetition of problems. However, the current challenge seems different, as the crucial importance of macroeconomic stability for development is recognized.

To achieve this balance, it is necessary to address both the external restriction, increasing exports and seeking a trade surplus, and the internal restriction, balancing public finances. This implies reviewing the pension system, which represents 11% of GDP, and modifying the differential regimes to improve the situation of the majority of retirees. At CIPPEC, we propose changes that would allow spending to be reduced without harming the majority. In addition, we seek to make each year of contributions count, eliminating the discretionary cut-off in the 30 years.

Macroeconomic stability is essential to build a development strategy on that basis, and education is the first step. Secondary school is crucial for social and economic development, but only 13% of young people finish it on time. At CIPPEC, we implemented early warning systems in Mendoza and Entre Ríos to avoid school exclusion, with encouraging results that we hope to expand to other provinces.

Social inclusion is essential for development, especially for children and young people affected by poverty. Mitigating the effects of the recession is urgent, but it is also urgent to generate a comprehensive strategy that includes job creation and improvements in living conditions, such as access to housing and health. In addition, the intergenerational transmission of poverty needs to be interrupted with child care policies.

To implement these policies, an efficient State is required that can respond to current challenges. Digital transformation is essential for a transparent and effective State, capable of using information to solve problems. For 24 years, at CIPPEC we have worked on the development of public policies for a prosperous, democratic and equitable Argentina.

In 2024, Argentina’s responsibility is to find opportunities in the midst of the crisis, addressing structural problems with an inclusive and democratic approach. The consensus is clear: there is no growth without sustained and democratic development.

Executive Director of CIPPEC

Source: Ambito

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