The key points of the fiscal package promoted by the Government

The key points of the fiscal package promoted by the Government

During this week the details of the new omnibus law and the new Tax Law to be discussed in Congress. Within the second we find the creation, modification and elimination of taxes that if we take the President’s own words he should walk in a cart with bearings, because he warned that if he created taxes he would cut off his limbs.

Within creation is the PERSONAL INCOME TAX which is nothing other than the return of withholdings wages of the 4th category of Profits, which was eliminated by Law passed on September 29 of last year and effective from January 1, 2024 by which they only suffer withholdings of the CEDULAR TAX ON HIGH INCOME those who charge from Non-Taxable Minimum (MNI) of 15 Minimum Living and Mobile Wages (SMVM) equivalent to $2,340,000 gross. With the new tax, the MNI is reduced to $1,800,000 GROSS for singles and $2,200,000 for families with 2 children, eliminating all work exemptions such as overtime, guards, bonuses and others.

Whereby About 1 million people would reenter when last October there were 800,000 beneficiaries. In other words, those who paid $0 because they earned $2,000,000 will now pay close to $10,000 a month as a direct discount from their salary, but those with activities such as oil workers/truckers/oil workers and others who with salaries of $2,300,000 who paid $0 will now be discount about $25,000. In all those that suffer withholdings, a national collection of close to $300 million is estimated, of which only close to $75 million will be shared with the provinces.

Then a Whitening for which those who externalize up to US$ 100 thousand will not pay anything at all and then only 0.50% of personal assets, but those who externalize larger amounts and leave them in the bank accounts until 12/31/2025, joining the trust of construction will not pay either. In case they want to mobilize it, they will pay 5% up to US$200 thousand and then 10 and 15% tax.

As a third important point is the elimination of ALL pension moratoriums that exist today, until the current one signed in 1992 by President Menem that is managed at historical values ​​and the one that extends until March 2025 that updates exactly the same as the retirement benefits – for which it was created. It should be noted that it is a tremendous lie that those who join them are “given” retirement because upon joining they agree to pay in installments, deducting from their salaries the years not contributed. Let’s also destroy another big lie that those who have a moratorium must be removed from PAMI along with other retiree benefits and for this it is necessary that they be social plans, since Law 24,241 itself and its amendments make differences; since retirements who access with full contributions have access to the benefit of the SMVM mobile 82% supplement, those who access through moratoriums do not and those who do not want to enter but have contributions have access to the Universal Pension for Older Adults (PUAM) that It is equivalent to 80% of a minimum retirement.

As to Personal property They reduce/simplify the rates between 0.50 and 1.25% according to the amount of tax assessments declared, returning the MNI of this tax to US$ 100,000 and from there onwards; even allowing the tax to be paid in advance until 2026 with a reduction in the rate to be paid.

The fifth modification is that of the self-employed regime that goes from about $10 million to about $17 million, or what is the same from $816,000 to about $1,416,000 of MNI and the deductions will be updated by CPI.

Point 6 that you want to modify is Regime for small taxpayers (monotributistas) that their scales are modified, reaching $44 million for service providers and $68 million for sellers of goods, on an annual basis. This means that it goes from $11 and $17 million annually, or what is the same from $916 thousand and $1,416,000 to $3,667,000 and $5,667,000 on a monthly basis, multiplying nearly 3 times the value of the current monthly payment. ; Therefore, the last category of goods would be close to $320 thousand.

With these values, there is a scheme that is not understood since a monotributista can invoice up to $4.2 million additional monthly with reference to a self-employed person without leaving their regime or being verified by AFIP for presentations of Earnings.

Which means total ignorance of the basic principles of taxation and is only justifiable in their desire for tax collection and personal madness for a currency that is not ours, both in reality and legally.

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