The day after: what to do after a dismissal?

The day after: what to do after a dismissal?

Although the closing of a work cycle always involves grief, they usually resolve the situation without major difficulties and quickly begin the search for new opportunities.

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The wave of layoffs Globally, it has left thousands of people in a situation of uncertainty and helplessness. He job outlook It is challenging, especially for collaborators who have worked for many years in the same structure; for those whose contract has not been renewed or for those who were laid off due to budget cuts or personnel reduction, both in the private and state spheres.

“Sometimes, life puts us in unexpected situations that force us to rethink our path. Although at first it may appear winding, we can guide it towards a place where in the long term we emerge stronger, resilient and with greater self-knowledge.”highlights Analía Tarasiewiczwork psychologist, Director and founder of the Work Better Consulting.

When faced with the scene of loss, the most common symptoms of dismissal are: anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, feelings of failure, worthlessness, irritability, vulnerability, deterioration in close relationships. In addition, physical symptoms such as insomnia, eating disorders, sexual dysfunctions, headaches, gastric problemsamong others.

The expert explains that each person faces the situation differently: Many have solid self-knowledge and clarity about their work profile and will begin the search process efficiently, with self-leadership and with less impact on their mental, emotional and physical health. Although the closing of a work cycle always involves grief, they usually resolve the situation without major difficulties and quickly begin the search for new opportunities.

However, people who are more vulnerable to changes, or who have low levels of self-knowledge, a more weakened SELF, and difficulties in emotional management, may face psychophysical-emotional imbalances, elevated symptoms of pre-existing pathologies, or may even be transferred to this situation. problems not resolved in time in other areas of their life, such as traumas, limiting beliefs, work mandates, or threatening perceptions, which make it difficult or prolong the restart of the job search process and the technical review of their professional profile.

An uncertain future, but not impossible

The graduate in Labor Relations and Co-Founder of Trabajá Mejor, Herno Gomez states that “In this more complex context, the ability to upgrade, adapt and professionally recycle becomes a fundamental tool.” In a situation of job loss, it is necessary to be clear that the person being fired is not “me as a person”, but “the role I played” and from there develop the strategy.

The labor market expert suggests some guidelines to successfully face the challenge.

  • Recycle professional profile doing feat for work purposes. We must rethink the path to the present and get closer to what we want to be in the future, aligning occupational capacity with vocational desire.
  • Use tools like those of the Tarasiewicz Method for deep self-discovery and good re-profiling.
  • Analyze labor market trends and explore different work options with a panoramic and long-term vision: from traditional jobs to ventures or independent projects.
  • Develop a search strategy designed from the exclusive requirements, skills and conditions, as a distinctive value of each profile.
  • Strengthen Personal Brand: update job search tools: with a modern and high-impact CV design, assertive speech, LinkedIn profile optimization and other portals according to field, skills and region.
  • Expand your network of contactsnetwork and generate conversations with contacts who could potentially be interested in my profile.
  • Train to be able to perform successfully in job interviews.
  • Define a concrete action plan with short, medium and long-term goals, including monitoring, measurement and evaluation tools.

The path to reintegration into the workforce is not easy, but with effort, dedication and a positive attitude it is possible to overcome difficulties and find new opportunities.

In this process of personal reinvention and recycling, the support of family, friends and colleagues is essential.

Seeking professional help specialized in psychology or job coaching can also be very useful to obtain specific advice and overcome the emotional difficulties inherent in the process.

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