AI and electric mobility: the keys to a healthier future

AI and electric mobility: the keys to a healthier future

On April 22, the “Earth day”, a day to raise awareness about environmental problems what we are currently facing and to promote the protection of the planet based on the adoption of responsible behaviors that promote care for the environment and the fight against pollution and climate change.

If we want to make cities sustainable and efficient in the future, it is necessary to think about a sustainable mobility that adapts to people’s new realities and ensures that future generations have a better quality of life. In this sense, it is necessary that all sectors begin to make responsible decisions regarding their conduct and explore innovative solutions to protect and preserve the environment.

The main challenge in terms of mobility in the region is to design a true more efficient transportation matrix that provides solutions for people to move. Sustainable mobility must be deepened, as electric vehicles, a better public transport network, more efficient in time and distancecapable of attracting individuals who today continue to choose their own mobility to get around.

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Companies, through technology, offer great opportunities to advance in this sense, but we must not leave aside the public sector, since it has the economic tools to invest in technological development focused on greater environmental sustainability and, above all, it has the power of decision to start today.

Technological changes occur extremely quickly, we only have to focus them on what really matters: a better way of living in society, of taking care of ourselves as members and, fundamentally, thinking of the ecosystem we inhabit as a finite environment that needs to be cared for, cared for and improved for generations to come.

The latest trends in the sector are based on a varied technological offer that includes automotive regulations, certifications, tests and innovative developments aimed at the sustainable transition. Electromobility and artificial intelligence are the protagonists of a new era.

AI as an ally of sustainable mobility?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the mobility sector in multiple ways, offering benefits ranging from management and prediction of transport demand to real-time traffic optimization with smart traffic lights, improving planning and efficiency of both public and private transport.

Urban transport continues to be the largest producer of CO emissions. In this sense, the use of AI seeks to promote sustainable mobility with projects that reduce carbon emissions by optimize transport routes and offer new shared mobility options.

Today the main trends in the world are based on the concept of car sharing, the car-sharing and car-pooling They are presented as alternatives that help reduce traffic and take care of the environment, connecting several passengers seeking to reach the same destination in the same common vehicle; and financial incentives for the purchase of electric vehicles, such as buses, cars, bicycles and skateboards.

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Sustainable mobility with AI.

Sustainable mobility with AI.

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Electric mobility: The future of the sector?

According to a Fundar report, global sales of electric cars They went from 130,000 units in 2012 to more than 10 million in 2022, and it is expected that, by 2030, they will have 35% of the car sales market. There is no doubt that Electric mobility has matured and undergone significant changes in recent years.

The use of electric vehicles provides environmental and public health benefits: the elimination of polluting emissions, better air quality and a reduction in noise pollution are some advantages that contribute to improving the lives of citizens.

Even with cost, production and operation barriers, The transition strategy to mobility based on electricity is present in 100% of the companies operating in the country. We will have to wait to see how companies, together with governments, can overcome these challenges and directly enter a technological reconversion market that takes into account the optimization of resources to care for the planet.

This date invites us to reflect on our role as agents of change in building a more sustainable future. From Ituran, We are constantly researching and developing technology focused on the changes needed to reduce carbon emissions and care for the environment: on the one hand, we provide technology for the development of car-sharing companies; and on the other hand, we already have devices that are used in electric vehicles and make various aspects more efficient.

Innovation and technology are fundamental aspects that are transforming the way we live, and we must take them into account as allies if we want to achieve sustainable mobility that allows us to take care of the planet and live a healthier future.

Commercial and Marketing Manager of Ituran Argentina

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