Pros & Cons: Working 41 hours a week?

Pros & Cons: Working 41 hours a week?

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Alexander Zens

Economics editor

Against the trend

Although the number of people working is increasing, the volume of work is lagging behind. More part-time work and work-life balance: This is the general trend that a young generation is growing up with, reinforced by the social democratic demand for a 32-hour week.

This harms us in international competition. Our products are more expensive and more work is done in other regions of the world.

The industry brings a counter-position to the debate that encourages reflection. 41 hours would not be much more working time than is currently established. And they would be possible: smoking breaks alone waste two hours a week, as a recently published survey by market researcher Censuswide shows.

Ulrike Rubasch

Ulrike Rubasch

Economics editor

Slow down

Most people I know like to work, just like I do. And yet I find it a mocking provocation to demand an increase in working hours without financial demands in times of collective excessive demands – especially on women (work, family, care). Compensation. How do you want to attract or retain the best employees? Certainly not with this old-fashioned threatening club. In contrast, the introduction of a four-day week brings a win-win situation for companies and employees alike. The efficiency or performance of employees does not increase with more hours. The motto is to take off the gas! And don’t worry about falling competitiveness: Austria’s exports have been rising for years.

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