Mendoza moves towards a sustainable activity with the modernization of its Mining Procedures Code

Mendoza moves towards a sustainable activity with the modernization of its Mining Procedures Code

For the first time in many years, Mendoza talks again about mining as a certain possibility of diversifying its productive matrix that allows generating wealth, economic development and work.

The update of Mining Procedures Code promoted by the Mendoza government, opened a serious debate in the province that legitimized the need to adapt the regulatory framework to new times, to the highest environmental standards, to the advancement of new technologies and to the existing control mechanisms to supervise more effective an activity that is already regulated.

Indeed, the Law 7722 had and has as its main objective to prohibit the use of polluting chemicals in metal mining processes, while the Codeaims to update a standard that dates back to 1945, streamline controls, investments, and the development of sustainable mining, ratifying the full validity of 7722.

Because among others, the purpose of this Mining Procedures Code recently sanctioned, is to incorporate criteria of environmental sustainability and sustainable development to an activity that today has tools that did not exist in the last century.

The reform in question includes the modernization of procedures and actively involves local communities in decision-making related to the development of mineral resources, promoting transparency and participation throughout the process.

It covers the first, second and third category mining (quarries)follows the example of the highest international standards, reinforces the role of Mining Police and gives greater transparency by establishing the possibility of digitizing the files, something that obviously in a [1945codedid not exist, and that will allow them to be public so that anyone can consult them.

It also aims to understand what is the mining cadastral map of the provinceprovides for the effective application of all current legislation on the matter throughout the production chain, through a Affidavit of Good Practices where the description of the groups and communities of the areas of direct and indirect radio influence to the Mining Project area will even be recorded, guaranteeing information and citizen participation.

It will also allow knowing relevant data on the socioeconomic and cultural aspects of local communities, their relationship with the environment, forms of social organization, labor relations, production and the ways in which the interested party plans to interact with groups and communities, in addition to detailing the methodology. work, code of conduct, company sustainability report, communication and workshops and hygiene and safety controls.

The new regulations also create the Mining Producers Registry, which implies that every producer must register in a registry that will contain their data, the name of the mine and the mining right file number; in order to avoid and eradicate informal and illegal exploitations.

In short, it is a Law that fully respects the agreement of EscazuProvincial Law 7722 and the highest international standards in terms of environmental care, which in turn, will give Mendoza the possibility of opening up to new productive and investment opportunities.

Today the world needs copper to move towards the energy transition. Among its many benefits is precisely its contribution to reducing dependence on fossil fuels. Chili exports this mineral in perfect coexistence with its wine-growing activity, and on this side of the mountain range, Mendoza has enormous potential to become the “Dead Cow” of copper.

We Mendoza, without a doubt, have to move towards these new demands, take advantage of the international context to inject resources into the province and the country, to project ourselves to the world, to generate jobs, and to raise the quality of life of citizens. This is the moment.

President of the Chamber of Deputies of Mendoza.

Source: Ambito

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