Every intervening day a short vacation?

Every intervening day a short vacation?
A short holiday in Bibione would certainly be possible.n

Nora Bruckmüller

Editor Culture

It couldn’t be better

In the film “As Good as It Gets”, Helen Hunt plays the waitress Carol and teaches her grumpy counterpart (Jack Nicholson) a wonderful lesson when he is reluctant to go on a weekend trip: “I would like just five minutes of your life in which my biggest problem is that someone offers to leave town.” She is right. Life is meant to be lived, and memorable moments that make the difference to everyday life are less likely to be found on a saggy couch than in unfamiliar territory – although this depends on the resilience of your budget, amount of free time, and nerves. But serving yourself Carol’s sayings every now and then is an approach that can be used to create something beautiful. “As Good as It Gets” didn’t win two Oscars for nothing.

Barbara Rohrhofer

Barbara Rohrhofer

Head of Life and Health Editorial Department

Too much stress

Going away every long weekend in spring? What may be a tempting idea for some people is not only a huge burden on the household budget. For me, short trips are real stress: quickly out of the office after work, into the car – and off to the mountains or the south. As soon as you arrive somewhere, you’re planning your departure the next day.

Many people love this type of vacation and need action and a change of scenery to really relax. Others swear by quiet days at home: going for walks, visiting friends, lying on the couch for a bit, reading and dreaming – of the next really long vacation that will be worth the trip.

And what is your opinion?

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