Argentina deserves a miracle like the Italian miracle

Argentina deserves a miracle like the Italian miracle

The Italian Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, officially invited the president of Argentina, Javier Milei, who is traveling to the United States, to participate in the G7 summit, between June 13 and 15. enG7-in PUGLIA, in BORGO EGNAZIA province of BRINDISI, in the south of Italy.

This year, Italy occupies the rotating presidency of the G7, and it is from that strategic position that Argentina was invited to participate.

Milei would try to include meetings with the German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, and the Ukrainian leader, Volodimir Zelensky, in his European agenda.


That period represented a fundamental change in the social and economic development of Italy; at that time, the country went from being marginal, agricultural and poor to one of the largest industrial powers in the world, occupying fifth place in the ranking of industrialized nations.

The miracle was possible thanks to the small and medium-sized companies that made history due to the great capacity of projects they developed.


But by virtue of learning, we Argentines must see how that miracle developed in Italy and try to take the good that happened there to copy it and implement it in Argentina. In Italy there was the famous industrial triangle “of the north” where each area had its production specialization; Emilia Romagna e Lombardia, there was a strong “food industrialization” at the hands of Parmegiano Regiano, Permalat, Cirio Barilla, among others.

In the north east area of ​​Udine-Vicenza, Veneto, specialized in the processing of wood for furniture, decoration and everything related to the decorative equipment of houses.

Continuing with the north-western area, focusing on the reception and production industry of building articles.

All this great development occurred thanks to the political agreement, under the presence of Einaudi; In that agreement all political forces came together, including the unions.


In Argentina, entrepreneurs and brains are needed like Italy had, where they managed to make the boom like Agnelli, Ferrari, Berlusconi, Cecchi Gori, Barilla among others.

And precisely that possibility, Argentina has with the presence of sliding businessmen and eloquent minds.

Argentina is a country that has everything, it has untapped intellectual wealth, it only needs the change that President Milei proposes today, but for this we need the agreement of all politicians and all the unions of all businessmen, in that pact proposed by Milei.


The proposed “May Pact” recently made in the National Congress by our president Javier Milei to establish a “new Argentine economic order” with creative stability and developments of SMEs, for this we need the urgent investment law so that SMEs begin to develop food to export to the world, to kill hunger in the most vulnerable countries.

Enough of Argentina being the breadbasket of the world, we must form a productive food industrial center to export together with a reference partner like Italy to give us high-value Know-How and thus acquire all the necessary knowledge to develop our industry with the maximum guarantees. with the experience that Italy had in the 60s.

I reiterate that we must support the entire program of libertarian President Milei to get out of the disvaluable situation that today surrounds our rich Argentina.

Argentina has all the virgin unexploited minerals and has the best in the world.

The aquifers will not pass more than 20 years and we will have the water war, there will be no more war over oil.

Therefore, we must take care of starting to exploit the riches we have and without talking about the dead cow that has enormous potential for obtaining gas and has very important oil resources that reach 16.2 billion barrels, counting with more than 12 dead cows in Argentina.

Let’s begin by creating the laws, generating the appropriate legal framework that allows us to exploit the gas and oil that we have in the sea of ​​Mar del Plata, for example, which constitutes incalculable wealth.

Let’s start now, Italy is here to help us and teach us how to perform the Argentine miracle.


Argentina has only one destiny: to become a power again, to achieve its own miracle, to stand up and provide a good life to all its inhabitants. Now is a time for sacrifice, but a sacrifice that is worth it for this time we have to evoke the great statesman Winston Churchill when he said it is a time for “blood, sweat and tears.” After the effort, this generous and noble land and these brave and loving people will achieve everyone’s dream.

National Deputy of Italy (MC) USEI, SOUTH AMERICA. Former cappogroup of the Finance Commission of the Italian parliament. Businessman.

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