Five reasons why artificial intelligence is the great opportunity for Argentina

Five reasons why artificial intelligence is the great opportunity for Argentina

President Javier Milei led a tour of the American city of San Francisco, probably the hub of the most important technology companies in the world. He will meet with more than 30 entrepreneurs and investors linked to artificial intelligence, among which stand out Mark Zuckerberg (CEO and Founder of Meta), Sundar Pichai (CEO of Google), Sam Altman (CEO of Open AI) and Timothy Cook (CEO of Apple).

1) The profile sought from exporting countries

Importing companies not only seek to hire services from other countries that have convenient economic conditions, but also locate these services in nearby markets or with similar schedules and culture; to promote the flow of work and increase productivity in business. Our critical mass of IT specialists who have a good command of the English language is something that is discounted in conversations. But the differential in every meeting or meeting I have with businessmen and leaders around the world is our ability to adapt and take co-creation risks to always seek better answers and opportunities.

2) Geo commercial conditions

The context of trade relations between importing and exporting countries of these services is crucial. Argentina currently benefits from two situations: the increase in US tariffs on key products from China to counteract the rapid technological advance of the Asian giant, on the one hand; and on the other, the economic opening of Argentina, with special interest in the North American country and the technology industry.

3) Capacity of Argentine companies

Beyond exogenous conditions, it is also important that exporting countries live up to the quality demanded by importers. Argentina, in this sense, is globally recognized for its capacity for business creation and training of technological-based resources.

4) Access to data

The data sources that generative AI companies draw on are also a determining factor of the potential of these corporations. And Argentina has the largest open-use data computer in Latin America: Seraph It has a processing capacity of 156 Teraflops and belongs to the High Performance Computing Center of the National University of Córdoba.

5) Regulation

Indeed, the fact that Argentina does not yet have a specific regulatory framework that regulates the field of artificial intelligence is an opportunity, something that still occurs in very few places in the world, as is the case of the European Union. In this sense, everything will depend on how our local law aligns with that of the potential importers of our services.

From the AI League of Good, We seek to contribute our specific knowledge to encourage this to happen and to do so in the most ethically responsible direction; making public the dilemmas that these advances pose and suggesting solutions and procedures for their adaptation. In particular, we understand that, unlike other technological leaps in history, human-centered regulation is not necessarily incompatible with innovation.

Today the Artificial intelligence It is the industry with the greatest potential worldwide and Argentina has the tools and the wind in its favor to become one of the most important hubs on the planet in this field. Hopefully we can capitalize on it, since it is an opportunity to become a world power again.

CEO of Santex and member of the Board of the League of Good Artificial Intelligence

Source: Ambito

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