Brain eaters: about the importance of good nutrition

Brain eaters: about the importance of good nutrition

Let’s agree that whoever sets up a dining room or picnic area is not someone who says “what a cool thing, what a great undertaking” because what is at stake, what that person or NGO brings to the people is neither more nor less than a plate of food. And the panorama in the dining rooms and picnic areas has been dire since Javier Milei’s government began.

Today the soup kitchens work because those who serve them put their body and their will into supporting something unsustainable and because there are still solidarity gestures, although they are getting smaller and smaller and they receive donations from neighbors, a merchant or supermarket.

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Obviously the shops sell less and less, so the donations are also smaller. Sometimes the Municipal or Provincial State is present, there are agreements, but let us not forget that the Government of Javier Milei He also has a noose around his neck financially due to the policy of the National government.

Let’s remember: The Government interrupted assistance to canteens, yesterday Minister Petovello presented a complaint ensuring that there are serious irregularities in the registration of canteens… Evidence, minister, evidence…

In addition, it froze the Empower Work program that was often used for collections to buy food and suspended 200,000 community soup kitchen workers who received an extra income under the Ramona Law.

There is no food delivery

People in popular neighborhoods are having a hard time, abandonment and helplessness, in fact, there are canteens that can no longer function every day…

We know they are perverse, we knew what was coming, but you can’t screw with food…

So much for Politics, and the perverse one!!! Of the one that annihilates…

And after listening to Father Nacho, speaking with people who run soup kitchens and even with businessmen who are also fighting and their donations have shrunk, Psychology must raise its voice!!!

What is happening is very serious, reality is cruel, and for those of us who do not pretend to be “notaries”, and are behind a desk making sure that the Excel comes out perfect, but who are on the street watching what is happening, it is a I have to talk about it.

It seems to me that we have to wake up and get out of indifference and lethargy.

What is the relationship between food and the brain? Who are the “emotionally malnourished”?

In our country, poverty and indigence according to the report of the Social Observatory of the Argentine Catholic University reaches 57.4%, we are talking about the month of January

Devaluation, skyrocketing basket prices, inflation, yes, because things continue to increase, the loss of consumer power due to the impact on salaries is the lethal combo for nutrition, for parenting…

And I know that many will say the inheritance received and a long list of etc… but it hurts, shocks and tears to know that half of us, because it’s us, eat in a dining room…

I remember when the governor Maria Eugenia Vidal He gave the order to count the cookies in the school cafeterias, given this scenario and Petovello’s order, I already believe it is Heidi.

To Psychology this sounds and resonates, and I say to the rest?

Should we make noise? Should it attract attention? How to guarantee development and learning when what sounds like “are the kids’ guts”?

Those of us who have access to images and magnetic resonance studies in which the differences between newborns in homes with higher and lower purchasing power can be compared, notice the differences: the most disadvantaged have up to 10% less gray matter.

Poverty operates as an early death certificate, it affects cognitive abilities and therefore there is a greater probability of school failure. In turn, it impacts physical development due to nutritional deficiency and also generates emotional disorder.

Deprivation not only guarantees “thinness” or a “bulging abdomen” due to the intake of carbohydrates, but as Eldar Shafir, psychologist, specialist in Behavioral Sciences and Public Policies, assures, it is equivalent to having less cognitive space that allows one to think and concentrate, since the mind is “occupied” by other concerns: surviving.

Scarce rations, lack of care, lack of stimuli, condition and affect the brain, certifying the weakening and even the disappearance of neuronal circuits and connections to process information, which when it persists favors the narrowing of the cerebral cortex.

There is no longer any doubt that poverty affects the brain, but I wonder: Who has the most affected brain? Who is more emotionally malnourished?

Surely those who have “a full belly”, those who have a greater degree of responsibility and power, those who order to “close dining rooms” and raising the flag of zero deficit, defecate on the people.

PhD in Psychology, Mg in Political Marketing, Teacher and Journalist. @rizzoguille

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