What is Artificial Intelligence? How it impacts everyday life

What is Artificial Intelligence?  How it impacts everyday life
What is Artificial Intelligence?  How it impacts everyday life

AI is a new way, a new method, a new way of LEARN, REASON AND SOLVEthrough the use of the technology and automation tasks and tasks that human physical or intellectual strength is limited and naturally, the human being cannot.

Therefore, AI did not come to replace or displace any human, on the contrary, AI is a COMPLEMENT OF HUMAN INTELLIGENCE, is a EXTENSION of the natural limitation of the human being, that is why we call it ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE.

In the world, the first to talk about AI was Alan Turing, a mathematician who deciphered the Nazi enigma code, and through the Turing test, after the Second World War in 1948, he laid the foundations of AI with his method where a human being interacted with a machine and another human being through a keyboard and a screen and if the person cannot distinguish whether they are talking to another person or to the machine, the machine is considered to have passed the Turing test.

Now that we know the concept or idea of ​​AI and more or less its historical provenance, let’s look at the impact of automation and the implication of technology in working life with this artificial new plugin or extension of human physical and/or intellectual capacity.

And likewise, how it influences the contemporary production method or system.

With respect to the latter, production. The human being has the strength and capacity to generate any production and/or manufacturing process, but he always needs his capacity, whether intellectual or physical. But we know that the human being is not immortal, he has natural limitations and the use of his strength or his intellect is limited by his own nature.

The world advances without permission, or rather, human beings evolve and give the world wheels to move forward, but later, human beings themselves become scared or worried about what we create.

From the first computer, the first cell phone, social networks, everything was created by human beings, without realizing that this advance exceeded their intelligence and was limited to a certain production and/or manufacturing chain. When we found ourselves limited, it is there that our limited intelligence gave way to a complement, to an assistant, to an extension, to a non-human intelligence, better yet artificial.

We made the future advance at a speed that human beings cannot understand, reason or solve. Now, that is not why the best way to create productivity is to get rid of humans, on the contrary, humans reach a limit and need an artificial complement to produce.

Artificial Intelligence is improving industrial processes, creating new ways of working and making a new generation of machines smarter.

When we see a robot it can be something amazing and scary, but let’s understand that behind that there is a human hand that gave it life. Today Google, Tesla and Amazon launched the first driverless taxis, smart taxis, humanoids in Tesla’s own plant. And it scares us, it impresses us, but it is inevitable and necessary, what’s more, it is among us.

The advancement of technology and automation through AI does not replace anyone, nor does it take away any jobs from those who do not train and invest in their human capital. It’s quite the opposite, the person who uses AI well could take it away.

It is not automation or technology that steals your job or replaces or dethrones you, the human being who does not know or does not understand the use of automation and technology takes it away from you or replaces himself.

Technology and information is the only way that humans have to escape competition in a globalized world.

AI is an advance and the very evolution of human knowledge.

As for the impact of automation and the implication of technology in working life with this artificial new plugin or extension I do not see a replacement, a displacement of the human being. Quite the opposite.

Information technology has advanced so quickly that it has become its own technology. Today billions of human beings have and enjoy immediate access to knowledge of the world using an electronic device.

AI develops systems capable of doing tasks that human intelligence normally requires, that is why it is a complement, it does not come to dethrone anyone, it comes to do what humans cannot for natural reasons. AI comes to do tasks that surpass human intellect. We have to see AI as a transformation of multiple aspects of everyday life as an improvement and not an enemy.

Automating simple tasks until obtaining results and solving complex problems where the human intellect cannot understand directly is an idea of ​​the human being who uses technology and its advancement for his own benefit. In any case, AI must fear the human being, its creator, and not the other way around.

AI is present in many aspects of our lives today.

  • Virtual assistants: Siri, ChatGTP, Alexa and Google Assistant use AI to understand and answer our questions.
  • Vehicles: Driverless cars and humanoids use AI to perceive their surroundings and make decisions.
  • Medicine: AI is used to analyze medical images, diagnose diseases and develop new treatments.
  • Finance/investments: AI algorithms are used to detect fraud, predict market trends, and manage investments.
  • Social networks: AI is used to personalize news feeds, recommend content, and display relevant ads.

You realize, the human being, I believe, gave life and perfected AI and now he fears it, he is afraid that it will replace him. This is not going to happen, it doesn’t work this way.

When the human being understands, comprehends, visualizes and knows his limitations and at the same time uses and monopolizes innovation at the same rite as he innovates it, the human and artificial intellect will see that they are the same.

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