Putin’s expensive trips abroad

Putin’s expensive trips abroad
Putin’s expensive trips abroad

In this pool photograph distributed by the Russian state agency Sputnik, North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un (C) and Russian President Vladimir Putin attend a welcoming ceremony at Kim Il Sung Square in Pyongyang on June 19, 2024. Putin enjoyed a red carpet welcome, a military ceremony and an embrace from North Korea’s Kim Jong Un during a state visit to Pyongyang where they both pledged to forge closer ties. (Photo by Vladimir SMIRNOV / POOL / AFP) / — Editor’s note : this image is distributed by the Russian state owned agency Sputnik — Photo: VLADIMIR SMIRNOV (APA/AFP/POOL/VLADIMIR SMIRNOV)

Vladimir Putin’s trips are becoming more and more expensive. This is also because the Russian president’s plane is now accompanied by a Su-30 fighter jet even when flying over the Russian mainland. His trips abroad are likely to be even more expensive. Not so much because he is escorted by several Su-35 fighters, but because his hosts are increasingly throwing him receptions that cost Russia a lot of money.

Source: Nachrichten

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