How Yoga can enhance fertility

How Yoga can enhance fertility
How Yoga can enhance fertility

He yoga (from Sanskrit yoga ‘union’, in Devanagari) is a traditional discipline spiritual, physical and mental that connects both the body and the mind through awareness in breathing and movement generating a state of serenity and balance benefiting those who practice it in their physical, mental and emotional health.

Every person who begins a treatment of fertility, Regardless of the reason and gender, you are in a vulnerable situation and have probably experienced feelings of anxiety and uncertainty when entering the world of reproductive medicine.

It is key, as professionals of reproductive healthbeing able to empathize with these emotions and prioritize their physical and emotional well-being to take the path calmly. This practice is a fundamental tool for patients as it can help them in the beginning and throughout the course of fertility treatment.

Its benefits stand out since it physically contributes to maintaining a healthy physical condition performing activities with one’s own weight and balance.


It brings serenity and is a moment of mental pause that achieves a harmonious link between the body and the mind, resulting in a better state of health and a feeling of well-being; all of these resources are extremely important to lower the level of stress and the impact that this silent enemy of the human being has on each of our cells.

What are the health benefits of yoga

  • Improves blood circulation by encouraging blood to reach the pelvis, perineum and genitals.

  • Promotes lymphatic drainage, being important in the immune system

  • In the endocrine system, it balances hormonal regulation and promotes its correct functioning and pulsatility.

  • Improves digestion, blood flow to the intestine and intestinal and gastric discomfort.

  • Collaborates in reducing stress, feeling of mental calm and peace.

  • It provides both physical and mental flexibility.

  • It produces the release of endorphins and serotonins, generating a feeling of joy and well-being.

Furthermore, once pregnancy is achieved, all these benefits have a favorable impact on the fetus, therefore, it is recommended to continue this practice taking into account the recommended postures according to each trimester, but continuously throughout the pregnancy.

It undoubtedly generates physical benefits, flexibility, helps to become aware of the importance of the pelvic floor and take care of it during pregnancy and in the postpartum period and generates better blood flow and benefits by being in a state of harmony for the baby.


In conclusion, yoga is a practice that is more than 5,000 years old and that has proven to be a positive tool for the health of all people at any age. It allows you to keep the mind calm and have a positive attitude, which causes the body to relax. find yourself in greater harmony and, in an assisted reproduction treatment, you can be a great ally.

Medical doctor, specialist in tocogynecology and reproductive medicine at CEGYR – (MN 178.758)

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