Why content creators are the new winners on social media

Why content creators are the new winners on social media
Why content creators are the new winners on social media

What is or what does an account with valuable content mean? What different twist does such an account give?

This is content that offers information, entertainment, or inspiration that really matters to your audience. It’s not just about promoting products or services, but about creating posts that solve problems, educate, or entertain followers. This type of content can include useful tips, tutorials, inspiring stories, or interesting facts.

The differential that an account like this generates is the authentic connection with its audience and the growth of the community. By focusing on the needs and wants of followersthese accounts build a relationship of trust. Not only does this increase interaction and engagement, but it also turns followers into advocates, brand ambassadors, willing to share and recommend the content, which expands its reach organically.

What examples can you give of accounts that have grown a lot through this type of approach?

Previous approach:

A skincare brand might have sent products to influencers with large audiences, hoping they would simply mention them in their posts. These mentions were often superficial. Although they could reach many people, they did not generate genuine engagement or educate the audience about the real benefits of the product.

New focus:

The brand chooses to collaborate with micro-influencers, influencers and content creators who not only have followers interested in skincare, but also share detailed knowledge and personal experiences on the topic.

Education and awareness:

The brand collaborates with dermatologists and skincare experts who create educational content about the ingredients, benefits, and proper application methods of their products. They post explanatory videos that break down the properties of active ingredients like hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and how each can benefit different skin types.

Authenticity and transparency:

Influencers share their skincare routines, showing before and after using the brand’s products and speaking honestly about their experience and results.

Videos are posted showing the product development and testing process, highlighting the brand’s commitment to safety and efficacy.

Interactivity and participation:

Live sessions where followers can ask questions to dermatologists and skincare experts.

The brand launches challenges on social media, inviting followers to share their skincare routines using the products, and holds raffles selecting winners to give away products.

Visually appealing content and narratives:

-Step-by-step tutorials and videos are created on how to integrate skincare products into a daily routine, adapting to different skin types and needs.

-Personal stories are shared narrating the process towards healthier skin and how the brand’s products helped them solve specific problems.

This more authentic and educational approach not only improves confidence in purchasing decisions, engagement and loyalty among followers, but also establishes the brand as an authority in the skincare field. Consumers value transparency, education and effort when it comes to caring for their skin or any issues they may have.

Sony’s brand approach with its alliance with different content creators (known as Alpha Partners)

Alpha Partners Strategic Selection:

Sony carefully selects Alpha Partners based on their experience and unique style in creating photographic and audiovisual content. These content creators are not only talented in their respective fields, but also have an engaged audience and significant influence.

Promotion of creativity and innovation:

Provides exclusive access to its range of products. These content creators have the freedom to experiment and explore the capabilities of Sony Alpha products in various photography and videography situations and environments.

Collaboration on valuable content:

Alpha Partners work closely with Sony to create content that is not forced, but genuine and valuable that resonates with their audience.

Cross promotion and brand exposure:

They actively promote Sony products through their social media platforms. Sony also highlights the work on its own social media channels which increases brand exposure and strengthens the partnership with these content creators.

Participation in events and activations:

Sony invites Alphas to participate in special events, product launches and brand activations and shares them on social media.


With this two-way collaboration, Sony is in tune with the needs and expectations of content creators and their audiences and how its products support these content creators and their specific segments.

This partnership not only benefits Sony by increasing the visibility of its products, but also provides significant opportunities for content creators to expand their reach and establish themselves as authorities in their respective fields.

How to put a mark without the account “losing its natural value”?

It is essential to integrate the brand in an authentic way. First, the content must remain valuable and relevant to the audience. Instead of just promoting products or services, you should show how these can improve the lives of followers. For example, using tutorials, tips, solving a problem that you identified the audience has, entertaining, inspiring, showing success stories.

Additionally, it is important to keep the brand voice and tone consistent and genuine. Let the publications reflect the personality and values ​​of the brand without seeming too commercial. Collaborations with influencers who truly connect with the brand and its audience can also be effective, as long as these collaborations feel natural and not forced.

Finally, encouraging interaction and listening to the community is key. Responding to comments, asking questions, and showing genuine interest in followers’ opinions and experiences helps maintain a close relationship and preserve the original value of the account.

Why is it so important for you as a marketing agency to educate your clients about marketing strategies with influencers or IG accounts?

First, an informed client better understands the value and impact of these strategies, making it easier to justify investments and align expectations.

Second, when the client understands how influencer marketing works or the important actions to take on their social networks, they can collaborate more effectively with us, providing more valuable feedback and actively participating in the creation of relevant content.

Plus, it helps build confidence. Which strengthens the relationship and ensures long-term cooperation. And you can better assess the results, understanding metrics and objectives, which improves satisfaction and the perception of return on investment.

Understanding Value and Impact

You better understand the value and impact of influencer marketing strategies. You know that it’s not just about paying someone with a large following to mention your product, but about creating authentic content and relationships that can influence followers’ purchasing decisions.

Alignment of expectations:

When the client understands how these strategies work, expectations about the expected results are better aligned. They understand that success is not always measured in terms of immediate sales, but also in terms of engagement, brand recognition, and building a loyal community.

Effective collaboration:

It can provide more valuable and specific feedback. Instead of general comments, they can point out particular aspects. The client can actively participate in the creation of relevant content. They understand the importance of authentic messages and real stories, and are more willing to share information and resources that can make campaigns more effective.

What are the most relevant topics today that make an account valuable?

Sustainability and social responsibility:

Environment: Content related to green practices, waste reduction, recycling and sustainability.

Social impact: Promotion of initiatives that support social causes, gender equality, inclusion and social justice.

Wellbeing and mental health:

Self-care: Tips and practices to maintain mental and emotional health, such as meditation, mindfulness, and work-life balance.

Physical health: Information on exercise, nutrition and healthy lifestyles.

Authenticity and transparency:

Personal Stories: Sharing authentic and vulnerable experiences that resonate with the audience.

Behind the scenes: Showing the process behind the creation of products or content, which humanizes the brand and makes it more accessible.

Creativity and entertainment:

Visually attractive content: Photos and videos that capture attention.

Narratives and storytelling: Create stories that entertain and excite the audience, keeping them engaged and hooked.

Education and formation:

Tutorials and practical tips: Offer useful knowledge, from practical skills to technical and professional information.

Webinars and online courses: Provide opportunities for continuous learning and personal development.

Interactivity and participation:

Polls and Questions: Engage your audience by asking for their opinions and comments.

Live Streams: Interact with followers, creating a direct connection.

Innovation and technology:

Technological innovations: Present and explain the latest innovations and how they can improve daily life.

Technical Tutorials: Detailed guides on using new tools and applications.

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