Flying: more burden than pleasure?

Flying: more burden than pleasure?
Flying: more burden than pleasure?

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Elisabeth Prechtl

Business Editor


Less is more

Only an estimated four percent of the world’s population fly to another country in a year. Flying is the activity of a small elite that produces huge amounts of climate-damaging CO2. If the desire to travel is great in the summer and the queue at security checks is long, it may not be enough to be at the airport two hours before departure. Flying causes stress, especially if you miss your flight or your suitcase is going to the Maldives and you fly to Spain. A train or bus ride is more relaxing and climate-friendly. It’s okay to explore your dream destination by plane – but if you fly, CO2 compensation should be part of it. Flying should be the exception. It’s good for the environment and your nerves.

Dietlind Hebestreit


Magical feeling

Missed the plane, flight cancelled, missed connection, lost luggage, landing gear not retracted, severe turbulence, entry ban due to incorrect passport number on the visa, ticket stolen: I have experienced a lot when travelling by plane. That could spoil the whole thing, and of course there is always a guilty conscience about the carbon footprint.

Nevertheless, that moment when the belt “clicks” and I lean back and relax is always overwhelming. A warm feeling of happiness spreads through me – in anticipation of what is to come or in memory of experiences. Traveling to distant countries is a magical dream that becomes reality. And the journey is already half the battle.

And what is your opinion on this?

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