Learn about the skills most valued by companies in Argentina

Learn about the skills most valued by companies in Argentina
Learn about the skills most valued by companies in Argentina

Job hunting has never been an easy task, neither for applicants nor for recruiters.. The reality is that, for many, the labor market is a space that can be harsh and in which not everyone knows how to move properly. In addition, what was highly valued a few years ago may not be the most relevant now, in short, it is a swinging stage which requires a lot of attention for those looking for their first job, changing their current job or reintegrating.

It is well known that having an excellent academic background is not enough, today in 2024, companies are looking for professionals who not only have solid technical knowledge, but also interpersonal skills and the adaptability to a dynamic job market.

These skills are evaluated from the first interview to the final stages within a selection process within any field. They are transversal skillsbecause they go beyond the technical, but are linked to skills, personality traits, communication style, knowledge and acquired values.

For this reason, they are known as “soft” but that does not make them any less important, since they define the way of effective interaction with bosses, colleagues, clients and other audiences… In fact, they are complementary to the hard ones and are the following:

Emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills. It refers to the ability to recognize, understand and manage one’s own emotions, as well as to influence the emotions of the people with whom we interact. It is more than a trendy concept, but rather a distinctive axis of good leaders, as it will allow them to lead teams, manage moments of stress and overcome the complexities of work relationships. As a fact, according to a study by Harvard Business Review, 71% of employers prioritize emotional intelligence over IQ when hiring employees.

Adaptability and flexibilityWe live in a hyper-changing reality, which is why the ability to adapt to unforeseen events is a fundamental asset that corporations value. Recruiters are eager for candidates who are aware of this situation and who can adapt to the prevailing situation, who are flexible and who have the composure to successfully face any challenge.

Continuous learning skills. A Deloitte study revealed that 70% of employees consider learning and development opportunities to be determining factors for engaging with their employer. In this sense, it is key that employees have the openness and flexibility, which we mentioned before, to integrate into work teams, knowing that they must have a constant attitude of learning and updating themselves. This is substantial when there are intergenerational teams that must face together the automation and changes provided by the incorporation of AI into various processes.

Digital communication. If we want to understand each other in the workplace, we must communicate correctly. We must learn to listen, to be open, sincere, empathetic and respectful with others. Like ABC, all collaborators, regardless of hierarchy, must observe, understand and relate ideas and express them in an orderly, clear and concise manner. Currently, a large part of exchanges are mediated by technology, and this requires always being alert to new channels and effective ways of communication, both internal and external. In fact, a Hootsuite report states that 60% of marketing professionals consider digital communication to be one of the most important skills for success in today’s environment.

To close, as an example, I share what the competencies defined by Corven Group for the search for talents and to promote among our collaborators. Agility, in relation to adapting to changes when the business requires it, ensuring that processes and products respond to the needs of our clients/consumers and generating triple impact value throughout the chain. Positivitymaintain an optimistic attitude, perceiving and rescuing the valuable and significant things about oneself, the people and the challenges that arise, always finding valuable opportunities in challenges and working with diverse teams. Be protagonistssince we take responsibility for our actions and commit to enhancing our personal power to act and transform ourselves and the teams based on organizational values. Innovators, because we develop innovative strategies, preparing for new challenges and generating opportunities that give us a competitive and sustainable differential.

Director of Human Talent at Corven Group.

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