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SPD: Saskia Esken experiences a “special” encounter with a citizen

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SPD leader Saskia Esken is not popular with everyone. In a Berlin subway station, however, she had a touching conversation, as she said on Twitter.

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Politicians are exposed to a lot of criticism, sometimes even harsh hostilities – on the internet anyway, but sometimes also on the street. And this despite the fact that they are often under great pressure. Saskia Esken, chairwoman of the SPD since 2019, reported a different experience on Twitter. The 60-year-old had a touching encounter with a citizen in Berlin.

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A man spoke to her in the Osloer Straße subway station, Esken wrote. However, the passer-by had no criticism to report, quite the opposite: “He wants to thank me for how calm and prudent we govern in these times and what kind of tensions we have to endure and compensate for, especially me.” Words that should have done the politician good, especially in view of the difficult decisions surrounding the Ukraine war.

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Saskia Esken should tell Olaf Scholz something

The man also gave Esken a message for Olaf Scholz. She was supposed to tell the chancellor about the stranger, writes the SPD leader, “like a ‘simple man’, how mentally he goes with us in these times.” And that’s not all: The man also got a bouquet for her in a flower shop – with the words “So, that’s for you now. I wish you a nice evening!”

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For Esken, who leads her party together with Lars Klingbeil, the encounter was “something special”, as she says herself. Normally, most citizens are “too perplexed” in direct contact if they meet her in the subway or on the ICE. Despite all the criticism that she often encounters on the Internet, she has never had bad experiences in such everyday situations: “If I’m still spoken to, then it’s always been (toi toi toi) friendly, approachable and interested,” said the Social Democrat on Twitter.


Source: Stern

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