Northern Ireland will cancel almost all corona rules at the end of October

As the PA news agency reported on Thursday, the rule to keep one meter away will fall on October 31. Night clubs are allowed to open; in pubs, guests no longer have to be served at their seats. As early as October 14th, visitors should be able to watch events in closed rooms while standing.

According to the PA information, the government of the British province wants to rely on the 3G rule: organizers and nightclub operators should be asked to request proof of complete vaccination, recovery or a current negative corona test from visitors.

In the other parts of the country, most of the corona rules have been repealed for a long time. While in Scotland and Wales a mask is still required in shops, restaurants and local transport, there are no longer any legal requirements in the largest part of England. In the United Kingdom, health policy is a matter for each part of the country.

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