Defense Minister Lambrecht resigns and makes statement (video)

Defense Minister Lambrecht resigns and makes statement (video)

Watch the video: After sustained criticism – Defense Minister Lambrecht resigns.

STORY: Federal Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht resigns. The SPD politician announced her resignation from office on Monday in a written statement. It says that she asked Chancellor Olaf Scholz to be dismissed from office. “The months of media focus on my person hardly allow factual reporting and discussion about the soldiers, the Bundeswehr and security policy in the interests of the citizens of Germany,” says the statement. Media reports have been circulating since Friday evening that Lambrecht wanted to resign. According to Reuters information from government circles, she had already made this decision last year and discussed it several times with the Chancellor. She has been criticized for her leadership for months. Scholz must now appoint a successor. In its coalition with the Greens and FDP, the SPD occupies the top position in the Defense Ministry.

Source: Stern

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