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Government: Controversial judicial reform: Tens of thousands of Israelis protest

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Prime Minister Netanyahu’s right-wing religious government wants to specifically weaken the country’s judicial system. This causes controversy – and again draws tens of thousands of Israelis onto the streets.

For the fifth straight Saturday night, tens of thousands of Israelis protested against a controversial judicial reform in the country. Despite the rainy weather, around 40,000 demonstrators gathered in the center of the coastal city of Tel Aviv. Many waved Israeli flags and chanted “Freedom, Equality, Quality of Government.” According to media reports, around 10,000 people also took to the streets in Haifa.

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The demonstrators want to stop the plan of the right-wing religious government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to specifically weaken the judicial system in the country. Eliad Schraga, leader of the Quality of Government Movement, compared Netanyahu to the Roman Emperor Nero, who viewed the burning Rome with satisfaction. “Shame, shame, shame,” Schraga shouted loudly over and over again, and the crowd agreed. Netanyahu wants to abuse the reform to avoid being convicted in his corruption trial, Schraga said. He warned of a “satanic plan” by the government to transform Israel from a Jewish democratic state into a dictatorship.

According to Justice Minister Jariv Levin’s plans, a majority in parliament should be able to pass a law even if the Supreme Court considers it to be in violation of the Basic Law. Levin also wants to change the composition of the panel that appoints judges. He accuses the Supreme Court of excessive interference in political decisions.

Source: Stern

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