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Parties: coalition dispute over financing of basic child security

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It is one of the largest socio-political projects of the traffic light: the basic child security. But what should it cost? Once again, the Greens and the FDP have different perspectives.

In the coalition, a dispute over the financing of the planned basic child security is picking up speed. The Greens called on the FDP on Monday not to stand in the way of more budget funds. On the other hand, the FDP parliamentary group leader Christian Dürr told the German Press Agency: “The core of the reform is not simply to use more tax money, but to finally reduce bureaucracy.”

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In the case of basic child security, various services from child benefit to child allowance and financial support for school trips and leisure time are to be bundled. Many families have so far not applied for benefits due to ignorance or bureaucratic hurdles. Families and their children should benefit from basic security from 2025.

According to reports, the Family Ministry has registered eleven billion euros for basic child security with the Ministry of Finance in the medium-term financial plan.

Administrative reform instead of social benefits?

Dürr said: “We have not made a new social benefit with the basic child security, but the reform of the social administration.” The money that is available from the various pots really has to go to the children. Family Minister Lisa Paus (Greens) is now required to create a beacon for modern social administration. “The state must be better, not more expensive.”

Green party leader Omid Nouripour said in Berlin that social justice should not get under the wheels. Child poverty must be combated and the project of basic child security must be given priority in the budget negotiations.

Basic child security is one aspect of a current dispute in the coalition over priorities in the federal budget. In the course of preparing the 2024 budget, Economics Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) and Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) clashed violently. The departments have additional requests worth billions.

One of the most important projects of the coalition

The budget spokesman for the Greens parliamentary group, Sven-Christian Kindler, told the dpa: “I don’t quite understand the excitement.” It is politically normal for ministers to discuss the federal budget. “I am assuming that the cabinet will find a good solution for the benchmarks and central coalition projects such as child protection. Child protection is one of the most important projects from the coalition agreement, and all three partners are now asked to provide the necessary financing and implementation. “

The deputy leader of the Greens parliamentary group, Maria Klein-Schmeink, called basic child security a central socio-political project and digitization project of the coalition. “We want to reach more families and children affected by poverty with the basic child security system than is currently the case.” All families should receive an automated notification via a digital basic child security check that they are entitled to benefits. “If the FDP is also aiming for a higher claim, this inevitably means that it has to be financed accordingly. The FDP is called upon to take this important step – because this is the only way to effectively prevent poverty and reach all families .”

Source: Stern

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