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Nuclear weapons: USA: Continue to comply with disarmament treaty

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Amid massive tensions, Kremlin chief Putin is suspending the last major nuclear disarmament treaty with the United States. That was “unfortunate and irresponsible,” according to Washington.

Following Russia’s suspension of the last major nuclear disarmament treaty with the United States, Washington intends to continue fulfilling its obligations. “Nothing changes in terms of the commitments we have to fulfill,” Pentagon spokeswoman Sabrina Singh said on Wednesday. Russia’s step was “unfortunate and irresponsible”.

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The US government believes that a responsible nuclear power must continue to work with other countries around the world. The commitments under the “New Start” treaty are taken seriously, she stressed.

Amid massive tensions with the West, Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin announced on Tuesday that he would suspend the “New Start” treaty on mutual nuclear arms control and the limitation of nuclear warheads. According to the Foreign Ministry, Russia intends to continue to adhere to the agreed upper limit for nuclear weapons. The Pentagon spokeswoman also made it clear that Washington and Moscow generally continued to communicate. “It’s not that we shut off communications. We welcome communications with Russia.”

Source: Stern

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