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War in Ukraine: Melnyk’s appeal to Scholz: no red lines on weapons

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The former ambassador wants the chancellor to “supply the Ukrainian armed forces with all available weapon systems.” In addition to fighter jets, he also mentions German frigates and submarines.

A year after the Russian attack on Ukraine, the Ukrainian Deputy Foreign Minister Andriy Melnyk accused the German government of “zigzagging” in implementing the so-called turning point in security policy.

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With his announcement of military aid for Ukraine two days after the invasion, Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) “broke an epochal taboo,” Melnyk told the German Press Agency. “But the implementation of the turning point lags considerably, it is more reminiscent of a zigzag course with many setbacks than a strategic advance.”

There are still “too many brake pads, especially in the SPD,” said the top Ukrainian diplomat, who was ambassador to Germany in the first months of the war. “We Ukrainians therefore call on the Chancellor to cross all red lines that he has drawn himself and to provide Ukrainian armed forces with all available weapon systems.”

“Expect more bold traffic light decisions”

The previous arms deliveries from Germany are a “quantum leap”. However, they were not enough to recapture the areas occupied by Russia, including Crimea. “We expect further courageous traffic light decisions, above all a speedy release of German fighter jets as part of a transatlantic aircraft alliance in order to accelerate the liberation of the Ukrainians in the occupied areas.”

The Ukrainian fleet could also use German frigates, corvettes and submarines to break Russia’s military dominance in the Black Sea.

Scholz announced on February 26 – two days after the Russian invasion – that he would support Ukraine with weapons to defend against Russia. In the meantime, weapons for almost 2.6 billion euros have been delivered or firmly promised. These include heavy artillery pieces, multiple rocket launchers and anti-aircraft systems. German battle tanks are also to be sent to Ukraine by the end of March.

Source: Stern

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