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UN resolution: Why the “hypocrisy of the West” is now taking its revenge

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In the forthcoming vote on a UN resolution that is supposed to once again condemn Putin’s war of aggression, the western alliance is showing itself to be stronger than ever before. But more and more countries of the Global South are refusing to follow. Why is that?

In the port of Batumi, Georgia, on the south-east coast of the Black Sea, day and night you can see that even a year after the start of the war, Russia is anything but cut off from the rest of the world. The once sleepy Black Sea port has been bustling with activity since the outbreak of war – sanctions or not. Huge freighters leave the docks westbound around the clock. The port of Putin’s favorite ski resort, Sochi, is just under 400 kilometers away. During the day, the bodies of brand-new cars sparkle on the loading areas of the cargo ships that set sail for Russia. What slumbers in the containers remains well protected from view.

Source: Stern

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