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Russian war of aggression: Ukraine war: EU judicial authority sets up investigative center

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Torture, murder, rape: So far, Kiev has identified more than 70,000 suspected war crimes. Now a database is to secure and analyze evidence.

Around a year after the start of the Ukraine war, the European judicial authority Eurojust announced a center for criminal investigations into Russian aggression in The Hague. Crucial evidence is to be collected there, Eurojust said. The new center would be ready to go in the summer. A central database of evidence relating to war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide was also established.

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The Russian leadership must also be prosecuted, said Ukrainian prosecutor and Eurojust member Myroslava Krasnoborova. “Impunity must not be accepted.”

According to the prosecutor, the judiciary in Ukraine has so far identified more than 71,000 suspected war crimes. Charges were brought against only 276 people, 99 trials were opened and 26 judgments were made. War crimes include torture, murder, rape, displacement and attacks on civilian targets.

“Hold those responsible to account”

Seven states work together in the investigative unit, as does the International Criminal Court. In the past, he initiated investigations into war crimes. However, this World Criminal Court cannot prosecute the crime of aggression, since it is not responsible for this in the case of the Ukraine war. So far it is unclear whether an international tribunal should be set up specifically for the crime of aggression.

Evidence is to be secured and analyzed in a database and to support ongoing proceedings in 21 countries. It is also about revealing “systematic actions” behind individual crimes, said the director of Eurojust, Ladislav Hamran. The international community will do everything “so that those responsible for these terrible crimes are held accountable.”

Source: Stern

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