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Christian Lindner in India: The most difficult partners at the turn of the century

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Finance Minister Lindner can announce further aid from the West for Ukraine. But the relationship between the industrialized countries and the Global South remains complicated in Bangalore too – with no solution in sight.

It’s really not easy to keep up with Christian Lindner. The Federal Minister of Finance likes to show how well he prepares for appointments. How much he’s read in the press, not just about himself. He picks up terminology with an attention to detail, as if he’s never talked about anything else. And he cultivates a rhetoric that is not only characterized by the fact that he ceterum censeo sometimes incorporates a bit of Latin. No, he usually formulates one or two core statements so pointedly that they stick.

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In short: If you don’t want to get lost on a podium next to Lindner, you have to come up with something. Sometimes, however, a good dose of honesty is enough.

Source: Stern

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